Malawi is a small country (118,484 sq. km.) in Central African along Lake Malawi and its outflow river, the Shire. The population of Malawi is over 11,000,000 people made up of 22 Bantu peoples. The official languages are Chewa and English though there are 17 languages spoken in the country.

Malawi first heard the Gospel under David Livingstone and the country was a British colony until it gained its independence from Britain in 1964. Lilongwe is the ministerial and financial capital and Blantyre its commercial and judicial capital. Each capital has approximately 500,000 people. Malawi is well-watered and fertile but impoverished by overpopulation, geography (civil wars in Mozambique), falling world prices for tobacco, tea and sugar, poor communications to the outside world and AIDS. Freedom of religion is guaranteed but some suspect a favouring of the 13% Muslim minority.

Grace Ministries International began ministering in Malawi in 2000 when two Zambian Bible School graduates were sent as short-term missionaries to that country. In January, 2005 Rev. and Mrs. Kennedy Simtowe, GMI missionaries to Zambia, moved to Malawi to strengthen the work by establishing a training center and expanding the evangelistic outreach and church planting ministries.

Bill & Sue Vinton

VintonsSince the time Bill was 19 he has been serving as a missionary together with his wife, and just recently, in August 2013, he and Sue left Congo and moved to Lilongwe, Malawi to work alongside GMI’s missionaries serving there to help and encourage them in their ministries. They have sensed the Lord’s leading during the five months they have spent there and feel that he is calling them to return after 12 months in States starting in February 2014, for full time mission work in Malawi. To read Bill and Sue’s most recent newsletter, click HERE and click on the Vintons.


Titus and Kristy Lloyd

LloydsIn Malawi, the Lloyds are working with the newly formed National Council of Grace Churches in the areas of administration, finances and children’s ministries.  In addition to working towards setting up a new Internet café and com­puter training center, Titus works directly with the local Grace Church leaders. The Lloyds have also partnered with African Bible College where Titus teaches junior high, senior high and college computer courses. He is also the “go to” guy for all computer needs both on campus and through­out the missionary community. Kristy home-schools the boys and also offers her services as an after-school tutor. To see more and donate to their ministry click here.



Eric and Mercy Mango ~ GMI Partners

Eric Mango, Mercy and ShalomEric has an incredible testimony of deliverance from the Lord. If you would like to read more visit Leaving a refugee camp he began to teach French in a school where Kennedy Simtowe visited. From there he went to study at Zambia Grace Bible Institute. After two years of studying in Zambia and working with Kennedy in Malawi his visa to Zambia was denied. he began wondering if the Lord had any plans for him at all. He went to Mozambique to work with an Australian friend and landed in another refugee camp where he experienced terrible hunger and scorpion bites three times. Since then, he has married his wife, Mercy, and has graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a triple major (pastoral, education and missions). Mercy also graduatd in December 2013. In January 2014 Eric and Mercy and their family moved to Malawi to continue serving the Lord and using the knowledge and experience they have gained in future ministries under GMI. To learn more about their ministry or to donate please click Here

Joseph & Emmanuela Asong

Asong-2-300x199Joseph and Emmanuela arrived in Malawi in June 2012 and worked with others to establish the first Bible School with the Grace Churches in Malawi. Theological education and leadership training has been their primary focus, but they are involved in other ministries, such as preaching and teaching in Lilongwe, as well as in other Grace Churches scattered all over Malawi. To learn more about the Asongs and/or donate to their ministry click Here



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