Puerto Rico

Four missionaries are involved in a year-round camp and retreat ministry that touches people from many parts of the country, a radio ministry, a local church, AWANA, and home Bible studies.

John and Kerry Cox

CoxIn 1990 they felt distinctly called to do camp work in Puerto Rico with GMI. That ministry was a blend of everything that the Lord had been developing in them throughout their lives. Their ministry in camp covered 10 years, after which their daughter and son-in-law, Jon and Theresa Marshall, came and took over the work. They then constructed a house in a local poor community with the idea that they would plant a church. A church in the traditional sense has not happened. What has happened is that their home has become a refuge for the poor, addicted, mentally troubled, neglected and abused. Using only one year as an example, July 2008 to July 2009, eight different people have lived with them, the longest for one year and the shortest for three weeks. Kids from all over the neighborhood come to play, eat and get help with schoolwork. Their ministry does not have a schedule; it continues with the next person to walk through the door. To see more and donate to their ministry click here.

Jon and Theresa Marshall

MarshalsBoth Jon and Theresa had made a decision to follow God no matter where, when, or how. It seemed to both of them that God was silent for many years. They were working in a church doing music and youth group. Theresa was teaching piano, and Jon was working towards a physician assistant degree. The summer of 1996 was a turning point for both of them. Jon had the summer off before he would be heading into serious medical training. They had talked about the possibility of going on a short-term missions trip, so they talked with Dr. Sam Vinton at Grace Ministries International about the possibilities. Dr. Sam thought of two different locations: Bolivia and Puerto Rico. They had already been to Puerto Rico on vacations to see Theresa’s parents. Jon was thinking Bolivia because of snakes and spiders but the mission decided that Puerto Rico was where they needed to be. While in Puerto Rico, God opened their eyes to what He had been doing in preparing them to go to Puerto Rico. All the things that they had been involved in were things that they would do in Puerto Rico. To see more and donate to their ministry click here.

Lawrence and Barbara Trumbower

TrumbowersIn November of 2004 GMI passed the radio baton to Calvary Evangelistic Mission, owner of two other Christian stations in Puerto Rico. Since that time Lawrence has been secunded to CEM (the Rock Radio Network), where his main responsibilities are to keep all three stations FCC compliant and to handle engineering for WCGB, WBMJ and WIVV. In these capacities he divides his time between Juana Diaz, San Juan, and Vieques island, respectively.

Barbara is working on various writings she has developed over the years with a view to incorporating them into GMI’s Library of Materials which can be used on the various fields. She also works with Junior Church, initiates most of their correspondence and mission reports, and tries to stay free enough to visit and pray with people. To see more and donate to their ministry click here.

Harry and Kaylah Alicea

Harry-and-Kaylah-Alicea-300x300Kaylah started an after-school center in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island and a place she has a passion for and their age demographic is mostly teenagers; she believed that starting this type of center where teens are taken care of and the gospel is shared could transform the face of the island.

While serving in Puerto Rico Kaylah renewed her acquaintance with Harry Alicea who has a heartfelt desire to be serving the Lord in the areas of youth work, day-to-day evangelism, and theological training. They were married on May 16, 2015 and look forward to continuing their ministries together in Puerto Rico.

To see more and donate to their ministry click here.



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