What Is Ministry?

It was September 1987 and it was time to stop working graveyard shift. I needed to change to a day job so I wasn’t always trying to turn my internal clock around working part-time nights, always feeling sick, and never able to enjoy my four children. As the Director of GMI, Wayne Schoonover needed a … More What Is Ministry?

What Does It Take?

We asked Steve Sherman, missionary to Tanzania, what it takes to be a missionary, as a topic for yet another post in our Vision 2023 Series. We are grateful for his response and hope you take the time to read what he shares with us below: I think that any answer should start with spiritual … More What Does It Take?

“What is That in Your Hand?” – By Lynn Caraway, Tanzania

Many years ago I remember attending a missionary conference where the theme was “What is That in Your Hand?” This was taken from Exodus 4 where Moses is being sent by God to return to Egypt to help lead the Israelites out.  He asks God, “What if they don’t believe me?”  God’s response is, “What … More “What is That in Your Hand?” – By Lynn Caraway, Tanzania