Costa Rica

The ministry in Costa Rica is active and growing. From the well-established church located near in San Antonio de Belen, the field has many goals. In January 2006, the Grace Bible Institute of Costa Rica was launched. Starting with 13 students the institute now enrolls over 40 each trimester. The goal of the institute is to train the next generation of pastors, lay leaders and missionaries. In the next couple of years under the leadership of Bible institute students, we plan to plant churches around the San José metropolitan area. A new church was recently planted in Alajuela. As a church and a field, we also had a goal of sending missionaries from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. In February of 2014 Emiliano and Raquel Servallis both graduates of our Bible Institute in Belen, moved to Nagarote, Nicaragua as associate missionaries of  GMI. It is exciting to see how God is moving in Costa Rica!

Chuck and Joy Befus

TalamancaIn Costa Rica, Chuck and Joy have been involved in establishing a full church ministry. At present, the church in Belen is a healthy body of 250 members completely under Costa Rican leadership. Chuck and Joy are now involved in a new church plant in Alajuela.  Together Chuck and Joy counsel, visit, and teach a marriage course which begins with new couples (Christian and non-Christian) every four months. Joy has been involved in the women’s ministries and has headed up the junior high youth group.  To see more and donate to their ministry click here.

Elnora Befus

ElnoraElnora is deeply involved in several ministries in Costa Rica, including teaching at the Bible Institute, Ladies’ Ministries, and AWANA. To see more and donate to their ministry click here.





Talo Vergara

TaloTalo Vergara began his full-time missionary service in Bolivia in February 2006. He is currently on loan to Movida, an organization focused on encouraging and empowering the youth of Latin America to serve the Lord in missions. Talo has traveled throughout South America promoting missions at the CIMA conferences held in various countries and locations on the continent. He is currently serving in Central America promoting and preparing for a conference scheduled to take place in 2016. To see more and donate to his ministry click here.


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