The country of Cameroon is located on the continental “hinge” between West and   Central Africa. It has 475,442 sq. km. with a population of over 16,000,000.   Cameroon was a German colony from 1884 to 1919, at which time it was divided   between Britain and France. After receiving its independence the English-speaking smaller section of the country united with the French speaking larger   section and formed a united country with Yaonde as its capital. Both English and   French are official languages. There are 277 tribal languages also spoken in the   country. Over half of these languages still do not have a single portion of   Scripture. Muslims comprise 25% of the population. Over 66% consider themselves   to be Christian. In 1972 Prison Mission Association opened a Bible   Correspondence Fellowship in Kumba, Cameroon, under the direction of Mr.   Lawrence Asong. Through this office free Bible study courses were provided to   more than ten different African countries, as well as throughout Cameroon. In   the late 1990s Grace Bible Institute was founded under the leadership of Rev.   Vern and Darlene Anderson. After the death of Mr. Lawrence Asong in 2001 Grace   Mission Cameroon and Prison Mission Association requested that Grace Ministries   International take over the responsibility of this ministry in collaboration   with the national church organization (Grace Mission Cameroon). GMI accepted the   request and in 2004 Cameroon Grace Bible Institute reopened its doors. At the present time there are 6-10 churches and a number of preaching   points. We are praying that the Lord will raise up missionaries who will go and serve the Lord in Cameroon.

Cameroon School Men in Cameroon


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