Mozambique is located on the southeastern coast of Africa and is bordered by   Tanzania to the north, South Africa and Swaziland to the south, Zimbabwe to the   west and Zambia and Malawi to the northwest.

Mozambique is made up   mainly of coastal lowlands, rising toward the west to a plateau ranging from 500   to 2,000 ft above sea level and on the western border to a higher plateau (6,000   to 8,000 ft), with mountains in the north reaching a height of over 8,000 ft.   The highest mountains are Namuli (7,936 ft), Binga (7,992 ft) on the Zimbabwean   border, and Serra Zuira (7,306 ft) in Sofala Province.

The most   important rivers are the Zambezi flowing southeast across the centre of   Mozambique into the Indian Ocean, the Limpopo in the south, the Save in the   middle and the Lugfenda in the north. The most important lake is the navigable   Lake Niassa. In the river valleys and deltas, the soil is rich and fertile, but southern and   central Mozambique have poor and sandy soil, and parts of the interior are dry.


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