Mapped Media

A Ministry Opportunity

My name is Stefanie Sherman and I have been blessed with the opportunity to use my media skills to share what GMI missionaries have been doing overseas!

This Summer’s Ministry Plans

Grace Ministries International has invited me to go to four different mission fields to raise awareness of ongoing ministries through the power of media. After much prayer and a lot of communication with the different fields, we have decided that I will be visiting Paraguay, Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania for a couple of weeks each.

What is Mapped Media?

Mapped Media is the name of a ministry that I am developing which seeks to use my digital media skills to tell the stories of Christian workers who minister abroad. I hope to continue to grow this ministry after I graduate.

The vision of Mapped Media is to raise awareness, highlight needs, and encourage involvement in the work of God around the world.

Why Me?

My parents, Steve and Barb Sherman, are GMI missionaries in Tanzania. Because I grew up in a missionary family I have a passion for telling the stories of the work that is being done overseas.

I am currently finishing up my junior year at Cornerstone University in Michigan. I have been studying Digital Media and I am so excited to be able to use what I have been learning to help tell the stories of missionaries doing God’s good work!

Why Media?

I believe in the power of storytelling and the impact a testimony can have on a person’s life. Media is a powerful means to communicate God’s movement and it can help people better understand and become involved in the work that is going on around the globe.

Why You?

I also believe in the power of the Body of Christ to enable and support those He has called to minister.

I am very aware that I could never do this alone, I need your prayers and support to be able to fulfill this call!

Would you partner with me in this adventure and see what God brings out of it?

Would you be the ‘you’ that I need?

I believe that God has set me on this path to tell of the work being done in hopes of encouraging His people and calling to attention the needs they have.
Thank you for joining me in this adventure!
Select “Other” from the dropdown menu and write “Stef Sherman Trip” in the comments box.

Go Team!

I am excited to not only be working with missionary friends like Brook Seekins, Bill and Sue Vinton, Jerry and Sandi Bomers, and Methodi Mwendapole, but I am also excited about making new relationships with missionaries whom I have not met yet!

Click here to read more from GMI’s Director for more specific information about the trip.

GMI Director’s Letter

Part of the funding that I am able to raise will also go to GMI’s media gear so that in the future they will be able to complete additional projects.

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GMI’s mailing address is:
PO Box 9405
1011 Aldon St. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49509


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