Grace Ministries Around the World – Jul/Aug

On the island of Bonaire 16 people joined GMI missionaries Carlos and Denise Brunk in their yard on June 10 to watch the movie “I am Not Ashamed.” No one made a decision to believe the gospel message that night but one of their neighbors who recently started visiting the church came with another neighbor.

Traveling to Panama. A family from Grace Bible Church in Alajuela, Costa Rica (Alvaro and Mauren Barrantes and their children), took another survey trip to the city of David
to get a better understanding of what it would look like for a missionary family to live and serve there. While in David, the Barrantes accomplished three objectives: 1) search for rental homes; 2) look at schooling options; and 3) visit potential building rentals and land where a church could be started.

Return to Tanzania. John and Naomi Caprari, with their newborn baby, Jael, are leaving at the end of July for the city of Dar es Salaam where John will teach Bible at a Christian school (HOPAC) serving missionary kids, ex-pats, and Tanzanians. In addition to John’s work at the school, the longer term goal is to continue learning Swahili and the culture while encouraging ministries and building on relationships he has already cultivated with individuals and churches with which GMI has been working. Though the  relationship between church leadership and GMI has been strained and difficult, GMI’s position is to leave the door open for a future partnership which hopefully will occur sooner rather than later.

Mauni, Malawi, is two hours NE of the capital, Lilongwe, and is where GMI missionary Joseph Asong along with Grace Churches in Malawi Chairman Mathews Selengu and second-year Bible student Pastor Davies Balala opened a Chichewa Bible School Center.
Eight students attended and completed the 15-hour course entitled “Methods of Bible Study.”

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. May 7, 2017, was the first service of Iglesia Bíblica Gracia (Grace Bible Church) in the center of this city on the eastern edge of the country. A group of three dozen old and new friends representing ten different countries congregated in a building newly leased by the Paraguay missionary team. Since that first Sunday, several new people have attended and continue to come back as they want to dive deeper into the Word—something GMI missionaries Alex and Deltha Gulart and Jerry and Sandi Bomers are passionate about is preaching and teaching. In addition to the opening of the new church facility, this is a big summer for the GMI team as they host a variety of mission groups to help them with the ministry.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Grace Ministries International’s Bolivian partners, the Misión  Evangélica Bethesda (MEB), requested assistance in establishing a theological training center which will equip men and women to serve both in Bolivia and as missionaries to other Latin American countries. Since adequate facilities are a major need, a lot of time was spent examining and praying about potential plans for a new facility. In May the MEB, with encouragement from GMI missionary Frosty Hansen, tentatively approved a plan to add a second story to their existing building to house the classrooms, library, and office space of the Centro Teológico Bethesda (CENTEB). Both GMI and the MEB are working to raise funds for this project. In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, GMI missionaries Brett and Debby Chapman are facilitating and witnessing significant growth in their
ministry. About 20 kids attend their weekly kids’ club. The Chapmans’ neighbor Sheda whom they have been discipling will be taking on some of the teaching responsibilities this summer. Around six men attend Brett’s English Bible study. Later this summer, they will offer a Spanish video series called, “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” Brett and Debby are also discipling men and women in one-on-one relationships helping their
Nicaraguan neighbors to grow in their faith.

In Nagarote, Nicaragua, the church which had been meeting in GMI missionaries Emiliano and Raquel Seravallis’ home now meets on their new property under a newly-constructed pavilion. The church called “Arraigados” or “Rooted” hosts several groups which meet weekly. Around 30 youth meet midweek to learn about God’s grace and how to live by it. About 40 children attend a club each Saturday to hear how Jesus lived on earth. In addition, four new families have started coming to their weekly Saturday night church service. Emiliano and Raquel are also discipling 12 people with the goal of seeing at least three of them become leaders in the church.

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