Win A Prize By Taking The GMI Quiz

quizWin a prize by taking the GMI Quiz. We created this contest as a fun way to get to know us, our ministries, and our website just a little better. We designed our website to be a user-friendly tool to facilitate interaction with GMI so you can know how best to get involved in our work around the world. I hope you enjoy the quiz. Please let us know what you think!

The answers are based on your knowledge of GMI and can be found somewhere on this GMI website. The winner is the person who gets all the answers right. If there is more than one person who gets all the answers correct, we will have a drawing for the winner of the gift which will be sent to your mailing address. The deadline for the quiz is February 15, 2017.

To participate, here is what you need to do. Send an email to and put “GMI Quiz” in the “subject line.” At the top of the page include this information.





Then number your answers 1-20 and send us your responses. We will remove the quiz from the website on February 15 and shortly thereafter announce the winner.

Thank you for your participation!

Sharon McGarvey
Office Manager


1. What are the first and last names of the two GMI missionary couples serving in Paraguay?

2. What two vaccines does the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend for those traveling to Uruguay?

3. How many individuals comprise the GMI Board of Directors?

4. What all is included in the support package with GMI?

5. How much money needs to be raised for the RUKWA VALLEY OUTREACH?

6. What country are we raising funds for under the heading THEOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING?

7. What is the “Executive Team”?

8. What is the birthdate for the twins, Ethan and Asher Chapman?

9. In Frosty and Cathy Hansen’s most recent prayer letter, what do you see from 1993?

10. Which field is our newest field?

11. What month and year did our Executive Director, Jeremy Clark, move to Costa Rica with his family to serve as a missionary with Grace Ministries International?

12. Who is the editor of the GMI blog?

13. What are the qualifications to be on the EXITE Team?

14. On the “Missionaries” page, do you have to click on the name of the missionary or the photo of the missionary to access their page?

15. What is the name of our 10-year ministry plan that the GMI board adopted in February 2013?

16. What is a GMI Partner?

17. How many scholarships does GMI offer and what are they?

18. Overall, according to statistics, about how many missionaries leave the field each year?

19. What was the name of the teenage boy in the children’s home in Tanzania who died from congestive heart failure?

20. Where is the “donate” button on the website?

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