3 Teams 170 Meters of Wall


This post was written by Sharon McGarvey at the GMI home office as she learned from the missionaries the Seravallis, and first appeared on the Grace Ministries International Website at http://www.gracem.org

Milo and Raquel Seravalli, GMI missionaries in Nagarote, Nigaragua, tell of the construction happening in their city with the help of the work teams who have visited over the past few months. Hebrews 11:10 says: “For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God” (NIV). God has been working in Nagarote since 2006 when He, using His creativity as the Architect, began using people in Costa Rica to consider expanding the ministries into Nicaragua and began surveying and making trips to visit that country and minister to the people in and around Nagarote.

nic-construction-1Just in the last three months, Milo and Raquel have had three work teams from the States visit and contribute their time, finances, and energy to the project of constructing the perimeter wall around where the church/ministry centre will be built so they can train and develop disciples for Christ. They needed first to save materials and tools for the 170 perimeter wall to protect the land. They also had to do the necessary paperwork with the government.

The first team was from Parkside Bible Church in Holland, MI, and had eight members who completed nearly 30 meters of the wall. The second group was the EXITE Team from GMI consisting of 21 members from five states and seven churches, all between the ages of 15 and 23 years (except their leaders). That group managed to put up 90 meters of the wall and also clean up all the land. The third group to visit came from Eastport Bible Church in New York and had 12 members and they too helped clean the land, cut trees, and completed 50 meters of the wall.


nic-construction-2One of our biggest concerns during the time the groups were here was not continuing with personal discipleship with the people of Nagarote because we didn’t have the time. But it was beautiful to see how they were so committed to this building project and they received the gringos as their brothers and sisters, gave them love, and received them into their homes. They served right alongside the gringos and we could not have done the jobs without them. God showed us a part of what had been building in all our hearts during this time.


nic-construction-3This time has helped us to dream the plan of the Master in two areas — the land where we are building and the land eternal which is the people we are working with here in Nicaragua.

We have many projects yet to go, short-term, mid-term, and long-term. Those will get done in time. But more importantly, we have eternal projects:

  1. We continue to work with the ministries of youth, children, and adults.
  2. We pray for 7 of our disciples whom we are preparing to disciple others also.
  3. We want to invest more time in Marvin so he can serve in leadership together with us. That means he needs to take classes at the Bible Institute in Costa Rica.
  4. Also we pray Luke 10:2 for Nagarote, more laborers for His harvest.
  5. We pray we will be faithful servants who are faithfully teaching the Word of Truth.
Pray that in Nagarote, we can build on the stone Who is alive, on Christ, and that we will never have another priority. Pray that we may be living stones. You too are part of this ministry and we thank you (1 Peter 2:4-7).

This time has helped us to dream the plan of the Master in two areas — the land where we are building and the land eternal which is the people we are working with here in Nicaragua.









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