How To Send

Mat Loverin and Jim Shemaria host the Pastoral Calling Podcast. “This podcast is a conversation about life and leadership in the local church. Every two weeks Mat and Jim talk about the joys and struggles of pastoring small-to-mid-sized churches and interview another church leader who is doing the same.

This past Friday they interviewed Jeremy Clark, Executive Director of GMI, to talk about what it looks like to be a sending church that is engaged with world missions. Jeremy answers questions like; How can a church be engaged in foreign missions? Is sending short term trips worth it? What does the emphasis on vision and mission look like at GMI? What is the differences between American and International Missionaries? How can churches and pastors help and encourage missionaries when they visit churches Stateside?

With that being said, our blog post is going to be a little different. We are going to give you a little something special! Instead of reading a post from one of our missionaries we would love for you to open up the link HERE to the Pastoral Calling Podcast or click directly on the podcast below and listen to this interview with Jeremy. It is inspirational towards what our part can look like in global missions and gives great insights into the work GMI is doing around the world.

So don’t miss your chance! Head on over to the Pastoral Calling Podcast and listen in! It is something great to listen to while you go for a run, fold laundry, drive in the car, or like I did, listen to it while you do dishes and make dinner. While you’re at it go ahead a subscribe to their channel because every two weeks they will be posting more great conversations!



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