Grace Connection January 2016 – July 2016 Newsletter

Grace Connection January 2016 – July 2016 Newsletter
Friends from all over the world, it is with great pleasure that the Grace Connection Church in Curaçao shares all the joyful things that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed us with. Since the establishment in April 2012, our little church has grown bit by bit. The board of Grace Connection (consisting of Pastor Rensley Lauffer & Natasja Lauffer-van Putten, Pastor Roy Everts &Martina Everts-Anthony and Ms. Marelva Hassell) has served the Lord faithfully, fully trusting on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This year we celebrated our four year anniversary. Additionally the board has been supported by Kevin & Samara Busropan, Ognor Marcelin and Roethleen Eisden whom also serve the Lord devotedly, by assisting as part of the leaders in bible classes, worship, sermons and other organizational affairs.
We hereby present some highlights of these past months.

January 2016
Our congregation has grown steadily which made the former building somewhat limited. Yet the Lord has blessed us with a new location in which we moved since the beginning of this year. Nonetheless we are collecting funds, hoping to move to a building we can call our own in the Lords time.

February 2016
This month we had a lovely Valentine’s celebration with many guests joining us to experience fun activities like a comedy sketch depicting funny yet controversial reactions of figurative neighbors of pastors that live in a tent after selling their households to help the poor, dance performances of our young teen couple showing their love in Christ and also a tango performance on graceful Christian tango music, but most importantly our visitors received a message saturated with the love of Jesus Christ for us.

April 2016
On the 8th of April this year we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our beloved church Grace Connection Curacao. We celebrated with praise and worship to God whom we give all the glory and the honor for the existence of our blessed church. Off course the cake and the non-alcoholic champagne could not have been left out of this very special occasion. We also reflected on the purpose we started the church with which was sharing the good news Worship and praise at 4th anniversary and the grace of God. In the near future we will be going on a campaign to evangelize and bring the good news to people. Please keep this project in prayer, that the hearts of the people we encounter in this journey will be open to the good news which is Christ our Lord and Savior.

May 2016
From the 5th to the 8th of May we had a tremendous spiritual retreat at seaside with the majority of our church members. We enjoyed several workshops teaching us how to mature as Christians and experience spiritual growth, how to get to know God better and have a personal relationship with Him. Pastor Rensley and Pastor Roy taught and instructed us greatly. We also had a wonderful worship night with a live band, we worshiped, danced and praised the Lord, that night many brethren and sisters re-dedicated their life and commitment to God. The message on the movie night blessed many brothers, which was to keep our faith and to trust God regardless of difficult times, illnesses and trials we may go through. On the 8th we celebrated mother’s day which started with a breakfast served by the men, all women received a red rose and a delicious breakfast. Our sister church Iglesia Biblika visited us for the celebration. We left the retreat blessed with renewed strength and full of joy. Thanks to the Lord and also to our board members and the group of leaders for making this awesome experience, to take us to the next level with God, possible. Keep them in prayer, that God may give them strength and wisdom to keep leading the flock.On May 28th we held an inspiring women’s worship service titled “The Courageous Woman”. Starting with truly beautiful worship songs expressing how women are especially courageous in Christ. Different morally strong women of our Church spoke of life learned lessons: Widowed women spoke of how the life of a widow goes from one of lamentation to a life of joy in the Lord; presented in the form of a poem. Others gave advice of how to go through a married life with God’s guidance. The night was concluded with delicious bites and a metaphorical presentation of before-and-after to show how Christ can change us women to show off our true beauty if only we give him the chance.

June 2016
Our elders have a very active group called 60+. They have had many successful projects and trips this year and there is more to come. Saturday the 25th of June they organized a meeting for everybody that is interested with a certified health advisor; Charles Cooper came and gave a workshop on how to take better care of yourself, loose excessive weight and more.

July 2016
The 60+ group also worked on a back to school project for children from less advantaged homes. They asked the church members for donations of several kinds of goods to create backpacks for the children. On the 31st of July they presented ten fully filled backpacks ready for delivery. They are really doing a tremendous job. Our prayer is that when we reach this respectable age group we will be in good health and as active for the Lord as they are. May God bless them and keep them in good health. They are really invaluable to our church and community.

Looking forward to inform you of our Lord’s goodness and grace again in the next newsletter! God bless.


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