The History of GMI’s Ministry in Nicaragua

Nicaragua history-675x385

Looking back on how GMI’s ministries began in Nicaragua, we can come up with a timeline of some of the significant events that have occurred over the last 10 years:

2006 – First survey trip to Nicaragua conducted by the leadership team in Costa Rica.

2007 – First visit to Nagarote, Nicaragua, to visit Jorge and María Elena.

2008 – First ministry trip to Nagarote. Repair of a roof at a school and Bible studies.

2009-2013 – Development of contacts in Nagarote and the establishment of a core group of believers.

2014 – GMI Missionaries Jeff and Sally Roth (United States) and Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli (Costa Rica) move to Nagarote, Nicaragua. Weekly church meetings in Emiliano and Raquel’s home.

2015 – Jeff and Sally Roth move to Matagalpa, Nicaragua, along with GMI Missionaries Brett and Debby Chapman. Land purchased in Nagarote, Nicaragua, for a church/ministry center.

2016 – Construction begins on the church/ministry center in Nagarote. First U.S.-based mission trips to Nicaragua.


Now we can fill in some of the “in between” of the timeline: In 2006, the ministry team in Costa Rica took its first survey trip into Nicaragua with the goal of one day sending Costa Ricans there to begin a new ministry. Since 2006 several teams of Costa Ricans have taken additional survey and ministry trips to Nicaragua focusing primarily on the western side of the country between the capital, Managua, and Nicaragua’s next largest city, León, an hour and a half to the north. Through these trips, many contacts and friends have been developed with whom GMI is working to establish this new ministry.

Before moving to Nicaragua in February 2014, GMI Associate Missionaries, Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli, had been leading the effort from Costa Rica to lay the foundation to begin a ministry in Nicaragua. They are working with GMI Missionaries, Jeff and Sally Roth, who moved to Nicaragua in January 2014 and Brett and Debby Chapman who arrived in February 2015. The Seravallis, Roths and Chapmans are working to plant churches through evangelism and discipleship.

What is really exciting is this past week an EXITE team of almost 20 young people and adults was in Nicaragua to help work on construction of the wall around the first church/ministry center in Nagarote. We thank God for the work this team was able to do.

Milo & Raquel Seravalli
Jeff & Sally Roth
The Chapman Family: Brett, Debby, Chloe, Lily, Asher, & Ethan







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