GMI Announces New Missionaries!

Sanchez June 2016 #2

New Missionary Candidates helping GMI Reach its Vision 2023 Goals

By 2023 GMI wants to open a total eight new fields, send 16 U.S.-based families or individuals, and send 10 international missionaries to work on teams around the world to share God’s grace.  We thank the Lord for providing another missionary family to help us accomplish these goals.

Tom and Michelle Sanchez, members of Rush Creek Bible Church (Byron Center, MI), who served as missionaries with Grace Ministries International from 1987-2000, are heading back to the field!  We are thrilled to see this God-honoring and talented couple once again join the GMI team in Africa.  After the board interviewed Tom and Michelle on June 9, there was no doubt about their acceptance.  However, we took a lot of time and had a lot of fun discussing all of the ways the Lord might use them to share God’s grace in Africa.

In late July and August, Tom and Michelle will travel to Africa to conduct survey work and visit different countries to determine how they might best be used to advance the gospel of the grace of God in the region.  You can pray for them, the GMI Board, and the Home Office as we seek the Lord’s direction and for our goal to see them reach the field by January 2018.

We loved hearing Tom and Michelle describe their philosophy of ministry which is to work in population centers from which the gospel and the knowledge of God’s Word can disseminate while at the same time always looking for the next place to serve.  If it sounds familiar it is because this was the approach of the Apostle Paul.

As you pray for Tom and Michelle, be encouraged by their example.  In 2011 Michelle earned her Master of Arts in English Language and Literature and in 2014 Tom earned his Doctor of Nursing Practice.  As the world would analyze their situation, they are set up for success.  So, why would they want to serve as missionaries?  It is because they share the same heart as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ “who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4).

Because their field of service has not been determined, we can only estimate that their monthly support need will be around $5,000.  Because monthly donations are so important providing for the day to ministry and living expenses of the missionary on the field, we would ask that you consider supporting Tom and Michelle now with a monthly or a special gift. Any monthly donations and special gifts received between now and their departure will accrue in a GMI account designated for their ministry for one-time costs such as a vehicle on the field, plane tickets, visas, furnishing a place to live, and other ministry expenses.  You can read more about Tom and Michelle and give to their ministry through Grace Ministries International by clicking Here.

Please pray for Tom and Michelle and the work the Lord has for them in Africa!




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