The First Six Men to Graduate From Malawi Grace Bible Schools – Picture Blog

If a picture says a thousand words, then why not do a whole post of pictures from last week’s first graduation for Malawi Grace Bible Schools. Thanks to Joseph Asong, we were able to get many pictures that help us all get a better idea of what that special day was like. 6 men graduated that day and we would ask that you pray for these men as they serve the Lord in ministry along with their families. What an exciting time for all to see fruit of the ministry that the Lord is producing. May he receive all the glory!

faculty.students prepping for procession
Faculty & students preparing for the procession
procession dance
The procession dance
engaged audience
The supportive, encouraging, and excited audience
prayer for students
A special time of prayer for the graduating students
Praise Team
The graduation praise team
Joseph giving a speech
Joseph sharing his speech with the graduates and audience
Dr. Bill giving a speech
Dr. Bill Vinton challenging the graduates and families
Eric directing ceremony
Master of Ceremonies, Eric Mango, directing the service
Guest Speaker preaching with interpreter
The Graduation’s Special Guest Speaker preaching with an interpreter
Banda giving speech for students
One of the graduate, Banda, giving a speech to his fellow graduates
Givemore opening the ceremony
Givemore, opening the ceremony
Eric singing a solo
Erin Mango singing a special song for the program
Joseph reading student profiles
Joseph reading about each sudent
Joseph Congratulating Balala
The congratulating handshake from Joseph to Balala
Faculty and Gospel Ministers
Grace Bible School faculty and Gospel minsiters
Banda posing with Certificate
Banda posing with his certificate
Balala posing with Certificate
Balala posing with his Certificate
Certificate of Theology students
Certificate of Theology Students
Certificate of Ministry Students
Certificate of Ministry Students
Family Photo
Full Group Family Photo
faculty. students.spouses
Faculty and Students with their spouses
Princess Asong and Grace and Shalom Mango
Selengu and a guest
Selengu and one of his special guests
preparing to plant memorial tree
The students preparing to plant a memorial tree for this occasion
memorial tree being planted
The memorial tree being planted
memorial tree being watered
The first watering of the memorial tree
memorial tree planted
The First Graduation Memorial Tree




3 thoughts on “The First Six Men to Graduate From Malawi Grace Bible Schools – Picture Blog

  1. Wonderful to see this. I admire all who made this possible. The Lord is so good. I pray many Blessings to all.
    Victoria Feltner
    Valley Bible Church
    Stephens City, VA 22657

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