Why Does Our World Need Missionaries?

nicaragua citySally Selfors, who spent 43 years as a missionary with her husband Arnie once told me: “A heart with Christ is a missionary, and a heart without Christ is a mission field”. These words impacted my life. I believe that every Christian is a missionary because we have a mission. I am not a missionary because I have left my home country. I am not a missionary because I work for a Mission Agency. I am not a missionary because I studied about missions in a Seminary. I am a missionary because I have a mission. My mission and the mission of every Christian is to exalt Christ and to make Him known.

Most people forget that second part, but I really doubt that somebody could exalt Christ without sharing with others who Christ is.

Why does Christ keep us here on earth after our salvation? Why didn’t he rapture us at the moment we trusted Christ? Why are we still here on earth? Basically, it is because we have a mission.

We were created to shine in the darkness. We are the light of this world. The more darkness there is around us, the more possibilities there are of shining bright and exalting the One who is the eternal light!

Why does our world need missionaries? Well… honestly, nobody needs you! Let’s be honest… the people living in the middle of the jungle, or in the dessert or in a big city on the other side of the world do not need you. Sometimes their lives are so much better without us. We have a savior complex and we think they need us to live a better life, but this is not true.

299656_2360084045904_2444286_nBut we do HAVE something that they need…We have the light. They live in darkness and what is worse, there is darkness inside of them. We are the light. They are lost, and we know the Way. They live in a constant lie, we know the Truth. They are dead in their sins, and we know the Life and the Resurrection. They worship false gods and the Creator of the universe is totally unknown to them. We know who God is and we can call Him friend.

Do you understand why the world needs you? It’s not because of you, but because what you have! It is because you have Christ. Who will share with them the light of Christ if not me and you?

This is the reason why God does not take us to heaven the moment we give our life to Jesus. Instead of taking us home, he allows us to live in this world with a purpose, the purpose of giving what we have to the ones in need. This is how we exalt Christ, and this is why our world needs missionaries.

In this world there are around 1,800 languages without a single verse of the Bible. These 1,800 languages represent 165,000,000 people. Would you consider sharing what you have with them? Remember this is not really optional, this is your mission!

GulartsWritten by: Alex Gulart, missionary to Paraguay with his wife Deltha and their two children Ainhoa and Bastian. To learn more about their story and ministry you can visit their page on our website.


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