Box Talk

trumbowerapril2012I opened up my e-mail a couple days ago and found this special story from Barbara Trumbower who is a GMI missionary in Puerto Rico. She sent this to me in large part to be posted on the blog to gather your prayers for this event that will take place and the preparation for it. I pray you take just a couple minutes to learn more details on how you can better pray for Barbara and the beginnings of this special ministry! Now, to hear from Barbara…

“I spent good time this morning reviewing my outline for the Box Talk I’m to give at church on May 30. This is also the day after our kids return to the States. Long story, but neat even as I try to abbreviate. On August 30 of last year, the adult leader of our youth asked me to help with ideas for how to integrate the older of the female youth (early 20s) into a comfortable working relationship with our more established ladies, those who are already married, with children, widowed, or even single.  From the get-go I refused the idea of a Bible study; this had to be something really relational – which Puerto Ricans are very into.

Well, the Lord was already prepping me, and I had no idea. One of our young women in her early 20’s had requested to visit me and we had enjoyed a long, happy lunch together just two days previous. I was wondering what she wanted to talk about, but she startled me by saying she wanted to learn about me!  That was totally unexpected – she wanted to know about me?!

Then, a week and a half later, I was on the phone with my “baby” sister, who had written me a letter, and at the end mentioned having given a Box Talk at her church. I asked what that was; turns out it’s a very informal way of sharing personal aspects of one’s life using visual aids – thus the Box part.  Bingo!  That’s it!  Very relational, but with much opportunity to also demonstrate the Lord’s working and faithfulness to me.

So now I am scheduled to be the very first of (hopefully) a long list of us, young and old, getting to know each other more intimately than ever before, and establish emotional bonds which lead to the agreeable desire to spend time with each other.  I’m so excited about how the Lord maneuvered things to make this all come together, so on May 30 (D.V.), we’re going to give birth to our “baby” (since the beginning thoughts of this idea, it will have been nine months!).

Our kids, who live overseas, are now in the States, and, Lord willing, will arrive on the island Monday to spend almost 3 weeks with us.  I won’t have time to do much refining of my talk, or gather my visual aids, so if you’re the praying kind (and I hope you are), please keep me/us in yours.

God ~ You’re SO NEAT!”


3 thoughts on “Box Talk

  1. I’m sorry if this is a repeat comment. But I am interested in knowing more about box talks…perhaps an idea to use in our women’s ministry?

    1. Hi Lois, this is a short description of what the Box Talk is from Barbara.
      “The speaker shares an or some events from her life that show God’s hand in her experience(s), and the “box” (mine will probably be my laundry basket with a ribbon strung through it) is just something useful to carry some visual aids to demonstrate that/those details and make the talk more interesting and/or memorable. It can be one major event (a surgery, a miscarriage, a goal reached, whatever) or a string of events leading to where she is now.”

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