Getting to Know Our GMI Missionaries: Mary Sue Reed, Bolivia

Dan-and-Mary-Sue-Reed-March-2016This is our last post in this series of “Getting to Know Our GMI Missionaries” and this week’s featured missionary is Mary Sue Reed. She has been serving in Bolivia with her family since 2006.

In January of 2006, Dan and Mary Sue and their three children—Taylor, Trevor, and Tasha—arrived in Cochabamba, Bolivia, a city surrounded by the Andes mountains. They attended language school and ministered there for one and a half years. In June 2007 they moved to the tropical lowland city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and began their ministry there.

They are currently involved in leadership training, evangelism, church planting, and encouraging pastors and wives and lay leaders in ministry.

It’s not time to listen in on Mary Sue’s Answers to our questions…

  1. What most excites you about your field and ministry?

The precious Bolivians that we get to work with.  It is such a privilege to encourage them, work alongside them, and watch them grow in their faith.  For example, what a blessing to see past Awana Club kids who are now taking an active leadership role in our churches.

  1. What is the most difficult about your field and ministry?

In the past I would have answered this differently. Now that Dan and I are back in Bolivia by ourselves, I would have to say being away from family, especially our three kids. Thank goodness for skype!

  1. Name 3 things God has taught you as a missionary.

Patience, humility, and being grateful for simple things.

  1. What did God use to call you into missions?

I would have to say my positive experience as a MK growing up in Japan. Because of my experience, I have always been not only open, but drawn to missions.

  1. If you could share anything with someone considering missions what would it be?

If God has placed an interest in missions on your heart, pursue it!  Look into it, talk to missionaries, go on a missions trip, ask questions, really pursue it until God leads you into missions or He closes that door.

  1. In what ways have you seen God’s faithful provision?

As we took our three kids out of a good school system in Michigan to move to Bolivia, we really didn’t know how their school experience in Bolivia would compare.  Once again God was so faithful in providing what they needed.  A good missionary school, with caring, godly teachers, and a great youth pastor that really invested in our kids’ lives.  Also in several dangerous or scary situations we have felt God’s protection, like a hedge around us.children

  1. What is a favorite thing about the country you serve in?

I would have to say the beautiful people.  Some of the indigenous Indian people are so poor and yet they have such a joy and are so grateful for what the Lord has done for them.

  1. Who was one person that had a big influence in your decision to become a missionary?

My mom. She was a great example of a missionary who loved what she was called to do.

  1. In what ways can others best encourage missionaries?

Pray for us and let us know you are praying. There have been so many times when we have been going through a rough time and yet we can feel the prayers of God’s people. What an encouragement!

  1. What is one of your favorite funny memories from the field?

When we were working on our residency paperwork and they wouldn’t let Trevor into the Interpol building because he was wearing shorts.  He had to wait outside while the rest of us did our paperwork.  Then he and Dan went across the street into a hotel restroom and switched their pants.  Dan wore Trevor’s shorts, which were so tight around the waist he could hardly breath, and Trevor wore Dan’s long pants which were several sizes too big. Thank goodness he had a belt because that was the only thing that was holding them up. Trevor proceeded to go back to Interpol, walk in like it was normal to wear your dad’s pants which were several sizes too big, and got his paperwork taken care of. We all had a good laugh!


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