Getting To Know Out GMI Missionaries: Sally Roth, Nicaragua

News of Grace Series: Getting to Know Our GMI Missionaries

This week’s featured missionary: Sally Roth

rothjanuary2013In 1999, God called Jeff and Sally Roth to Zambia through a passion, specific leading from His Word, and a miracle bringing their daughter, Brianna’s immune system up to a normal level. They share that they continue to sense God’s call to teach and train in the ministries He has established. Jeff and Sally are now living in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, after spending some time in Nagarote, Nicaragua, working alongside Milo and Raquel Seravalli. Jeff is involved in teaching Bible studies and mentoring, while Sally is working at the special needs school with the deaf children and ministering to a deaf community in the valley.

Now let’s hear Sally’s answers to the 10 questions we have been asking each missionary we have had the opportunity to get to know better.

12118984_10152979355187723_2309208017414528644_n1. What most excites you about your field and ministry?

I absolutely love sharing the love of God and the Word of God with deaf children and adults! I get to see their faces express their understanding of the Bible story and identify who is good and who is bad.  I get to help deaf, uneducated adults sign “Jesus” for the first time and learn how to spell Jesus.  I get to see their smiles and feel their hugs when I arrive!

2. What is the most difficult about your field and ministry?

Living life physically separated from my daughters and aging parents.

3. Name 3 things God has taught you as a missionary.

God has shown me that in each struggle, He allows me to experience Him in one way or another. God has shown me that He is my Sustainer. He has shown me that He is my Restorer as He restored me after a thyroid issue and later a knee injury. He has shown me that He is my  Shepherd.  These names are no longer titles in my head, but ways He has and continues to relate to me.

4. What did God use to call you into missions?

When I was a child in Sunday school, God used a missionary lady named Faith.  Faith said that she got off from the bus in her ministry country with her guitar.  God ignited a passion in my heart that moment to learn to play the guitar and to be a missionary.

5. If you could share anything with someone considering missions what would it be?

Seek God’s leading, listen to Him and obey.  His joy and peace awaits you!

 6. In what ways have you seen God’s faithful provision?

God has always provided faithful financial support over the 15 years we have been on the field! He provided a mechanic running out of the bush with a wrench when our car tire left the car in Zambia.  He provided someone to tow our car and us when our car died on the road in Botswana.  He sent cloud cover and rain to cool the engine when our car was overheating in South Africa.  He provided more than $50,000 to pay for Brianna’s second cochlear implant that would not be covered by insurance!  He provided cold showers when I was overheating in Nagarote.  He provided a guide to the deaf people in the valley here in Matagalpa.  He provides internet so we can communicate with our daughters. He provided an incredible couple to become our Tico parents during language school.  We lived with them and they nurtured us in love and language!  When I am in great need, He always meets me and encourages me!

7. What is a favorite thing about the country you serve in?

The mountains and volcanoes.  The slower pace of life.  The flowers, trees and morning doves that unite our worlds of Zambia and Nicaragua.

8. Who was one person that had a big influence in your decision to become a missionary?

Faith and my husband, Jeff.

9. In what ways can others best encourage missionaries?

I am so encouraged by people who look out for and love on my daughters when I am not there to do so!  I am also very encouraged by notes, fb messages, and personal emails.  I love it when people pray for us!

10. What is one of your favorite funny memories from the field?

I think a recent funny memory is from language school.  I was retelling a Bible story when I accidentally said, Mary poured perfume on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her onion.


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