Getting To Know Our GMI Missionaries Series: Barbara Trumbower, Puerto Rico

 Getting To Know Our GMI Missionaries

This Week’s Featured Missionary: Barbara Trumbower, Puerto Rico

trumbowerapril2012Lawrence and Barbara have served under Grace Ministries International (GMI) at WCGB for 34 years. Both are graduates of Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lawrence studied broadcast communications at Milwaukee Institute of Technology, then God led him through a series of experiences which confirmed his role in the design and establishment of WCGB in 1967. From the station’s inception GMI purposed this ministry to be evangelistic in focus and seeker-friendly in its approach. Its unique programming format was at once Christian and community-oriented, broadcasting sports, news, music, and many live programs, with short gospel messages inserted in the non-religious blocks.

Barbara arrived in 1971 to work in the financial department of the station. Her and Lawerence were married on the island in 1972, and their daughter was born there. Six years later they returned Stateside to care for Lawrence’s ailing mother until her passing. Then in November of 1991 all three returned to Puerto Rico, working together in WCGB until their daughter left for college.

Since that time Lawrence has been seconded to CEM in The Rock Radio Network, and his newest exciting project, however, in addition to the radio ministry, is the transformation of a series of the written doctrinal Bible charts of Maurice Hammond into PowerPoint presentations, in Spanish as well as English, for wider exposure in both worlds.

Barbara works alongside Lawrence preparing the power points, does some mentoring, initiates most of their personal and mission correspondence and reports, manages the missionaries’ ministry fund records, and actively encourages people within her spheres of influence.

We asked all of our missionaries 10 questions that we think will help us all get to know them better, which in turn helps us know better how to pray for and support them. Barbara was the first to send in her response to these questions and we share with you her answers below.

  1. What most excites you about your field and ministry?
    That every day counts for the touching of lives with the Word of God.  Not
    a minute is wasted, God has put me in a place where my life has a purpose.
  2. What is the most difficult about your field and ministry?
    At this stage of life, the new computer technology we have to learn, and
    the large bulk of the work load.
  3. Name 3 things God has taught you as a missionary.
    Flexability, flexibility, and flexibility.
    Also that there is always something better coming.
  4. What did God use to call you into missions?The realization that the things I couldn’t do, need not hold me back from
    service, but the use of the things I could do (abilities that the Lord was
  5. If you could share anything with someone considering missions what would
    it be?

    Go.  Make sure you have that “burning desire” to serve the Lord, and don’t
    listen to the voices of the self-gain, seeking crowd, just step out.
  6. In what ways have you seen God’s faithful provision?
    When I was at a place where I could not see how we could make the payments
    for our ministry, and God opened a new door of income and sustained it very
    well. When the discouraging times come and God shows, gives, provides a “better”
  7. What is a favorite thing about the country you serve in?
    Adjusting to the culture.
  8. Who was one person that had a big influence in your decision to become a

    George Verwer at Moody Bible Institute (before he founded OM).
  9. In what ways can others best encourage missionaries?
    Let us know they are praying.
    Sent a simple care package.  (So much fun to get a little package from
    someone who was not known to be an interested person).

  10. What is one of your favorite funny memories from the field?
    When I was talking to circle of men (in Spanish) about some theme, and our
    station manager responded, following my thoughts, looking at me, using the
    same level of Spanish, and then he turned to look at the other men, and as
    he turned he changed his speech to match their intellectual level, and I
    had no idea of what he was saying (Spanish – way beyond my level).


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