What Is Ministry?

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It was September 1987 and it was time to stop working graveyard shift. I needed to change to a day job so I wasn’t always trying to turn my internal clock around working part-time nights, always feeling sick, and never able to enjoy my four children. As the Director of GMI, Wayne Schoonover needed a secretary in the office because his previous secretary had moved to California and the work was backing up at GMI. My thinking was I could work at GMI for a few months until I could find a daytime job in nursing, perhaps in a doctor’s office. So I applied, they were desperate for the help, I was hired on the spot! Thus began temporary job at GMI.

But…God had something different in mind! Three months later I was involved in a serious car accident. I was pinned in the car and received injuries that required me to miss two months of work and do two years of physical therapy. That meant once I was back to work at GMI I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of physical labor, NO lifting….NO NURSING.

At GMI I was learning some office skills and I eventually learned desktop publishing. I added processing insurance claims and other skills besides the basic secretarial responsibilities. THEN a funny thing happened…I fell in love with the job. I fell in love with the GMI missionaries. I felt like I was exactly where the Lord wanted me to be. It didn’t matter to me that I wasn’t using my college degree. I was at peace.

What is ministry? Ministry is serving God through serving others, and for me, “others” means the GMI missionaries and the home office staff of GMI. I feel overwhelmingly fortunate to be able to spend my days making the lives of our missionaries easier by taking care of their stateside needs for them and also helping with their correspondence with their support base. I enjoy coming to work and appreciate the opportunity I have each day to be at GMI…28 years and counting.

It is amazing the way the Lord works things out in our lives, sometimes in ways we don’t understand right now, but we can trust Him to weave all the pieces together until they fit perfectly.

~Sharon McGarvey

Office Manager of GMI



One thought on “What Is Ministry?

  1. As one missionary who benefits from Sharon’s work at GMI, I would have to say we can’t imagine life without her! Thank you, Sharon, for all you do to make our lives easier.

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