How Most of Us Began This Journey-By Brook Seekins

brooks blog 3I have been a missionary for nearly 15 years.  But that wasn’t where I began. In fact I think most people in full time ministry, whether in their home country or another country, began in small ways. To be in full time ministry you must first learn to be faithful in the little things.

Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful. 1Corinthians 4:2

How did we learn to be faithful stewards? First we begin serving in our homes. Then we expanded our outreach to extended family and our local church. We would visit the nursing homes and the homeless shelter in our communities.  We sang special music. We helped to take down and set up for special events.  We hosted people in our homes.  We attended the mid-week Bible Studies and early morning prayer breakfasts.   When there was a need in our home church, we were quick to step up and help out.  We would show up for those work days when everyone gathered to paint or clean or mow or trim or organize the church.  We started helping in the nursery or greeting people at the door. You need to start in the small ways serving the Body of Christ.  You will soon find that the Lord opens up more doors. Teach a Sunday School class, help out as a deacon, visit the elderly, ask the pastor how you can help out, and don’t be shy.

brooks blog 1I can look back at so many little ministries I was involved in my past and in hindsight I see how God used them as training for what I do now.  I learned how to teach kids in Jr. Church, Five Day Clubs, and camp. I worked in camps throughout my life, whether volunteering in the kitchen, lifeguarding, counseling, or directing. Now, I run camps here in Tanzania.  I grew up playing piano and now I organize worship seminars for Tanzanians and help lead worship at our missionary Bible studies.  I love how I can look back and see all the ways the Lord was molding me for the ministry I am now involved in.

 “God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him — Hudson Taylor

Being a missionary is not easy.  It takes experience to survive on the mission field. By experience, I mean being faithful in day to day ministry. It means you are committed in the ministries you have and have learned how to ride the waves of “life” in the church.  We are looking for those that stick to it in thick and thin.  We work with the Body of Christ, which is made up of human beings. Human beings have their issues. Those who are faithful to the Lord, know that they must ride out situations that are tough when dealing with human beings.

brooks blog 4Experiences in serving in the little ways, in being faithful where you are right now—that’s how most of us on the mission field began this journey.    Not everyone will be a missionary, but we all have ministries that the Lord would like us to do.  We all have people to reach with the Gospel. It begins with the ministries right in front of you.

   He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:  Lu 16:10a



This week’s post, post #5 in our Vision 2023 series, is written by Brook Seekins. As she said above, Brook has been a missionary for 15 years with GMI in Tanzania. She is a gifted and passionate follower of Christ that has seen God do incredible things through the ministries he has done through her there….She is involved in so many different ministries, but some of the main ones include Annual Youth camps and Worship Seminars. She is a vital part of the GMI family and is making a difference for Christ in the country of Tanzania. We thank God for her! If you would like to read the last post from this series click here

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