“What is That in Your Hand?” – By Lynn Caraway, Tanzania

Many years ago I remember attending a missionary conference where the theme was “What is That in Your Hand?” This was taken from Exodus 4 where Moses is being sent by God to return to Egypt to help lead the Israelites out.  He asks God, “What if they don’t believe me?”  God’s response is, “What is that in your hand?”  When Moses replies that it is a staff, it is that very thing that God uses to perform a miracle for Moses to show the people.  Unfortunately God turned his staff into a snake.  Not my favorite miracle, but who am I to question God?!

businessmanVery often people assume because we are missionaries that we do a lot of preaching. There are, however, many different ways of sharing the Lord with people without doing it from a pulpit. Not everyone can be a preacher, but everyone can do something. My husband was a businessman in Michigan and sold his business a year or so before we left the States. Now God is using him to teach Christian business principles to businessmen here in Tanzania (http://www.gcde.org/). He is not a pastor or evangelist, but he is reaching people with God’s Word through what he knows and is good at. Certainly God also stretches us along the way and leads us into new areas. Michael was never a farmer, but now he enjoys helping to facilitate a program called Farming God’s Way which teaches conservation farming using principles from God’s Word. I take care of orphan babies who need a bit more TLC than they can get at the local orphanage. They stay with us for about three months before returning to the orphanage. This has been a great opportunity to show God’s love to the people I come in contact with.

orphan careThere are many opportunities here in Tanzania and in many other countries for people with all different talents. I look at the local primary schools where someone could volunteer to teach English. It would not be a problem to use Bible stories and verses when teaching. There is a clinic not far from us that would love to get some qualified doctors and nurses. A colleague of ours is involved in beekeeping and is able to share Christ while teaching about bees. A friend of ours in another city is opening a coffee shop. What a great way to bring people in and start conversations with them. Community development projects aimed at meeting felt needs are another way to interact with people.

The possibilities are endless for being involved in missions. What are you good at and what do you enjoy?  You can believe that God will use you and your abilities if you will only make yourself available to him.


“Lynn Caraway, the author of our 3rd post in our Vision 2023 series, moved to Tanzania with her husband and two daughters in September of 2002. As you’ve read you have a learned about just a few of the ministries they are involved with. They have since adopted a boy named Luka, from Tanzania and live and serve in Mumba, Tanzania. They will be in the States on a four month furlough in the near future and hopefully, if you are near them, you will be able to get together with them. Maybe take the opportunity to ask them how God could use you! We want to thank Lynn for being this week’s blogger. Hope you will join us again next week, share this post with your friends, and if you did not get to read last week’s post you can do that here.


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