On the Island of Curacao for 62 Days

Hello News Of Grace Readers,

Thank you for joining us for another weekly blog post where we are reporting on and sharing with you wonderful updates and inspiration from our Grace Ministries International missionaries located in many different parts of the world. In the next couple weeks we will begin a new series on our blog here, revolving around GMI’s Vision 2023. I hope that you will join us each week, as we hear from our current missionaries on this exciting idea and topic. Blog posts will include topics such as; Common Excuses People Make, Why the World Needs Missionaries, The One Thing Siri Won’t Tell You. Please join us and share these future posts with your friends, family, and church. Now, for the recent update about Clare and Nedra Hunts’ 62 Day ministry trip to Curacao.

Clare and Nedra Hunt are thankful for their third short-term ministry trip taken from October 1 to December 1, 2015, this time back to Curacao to encourage the people there. When planning their trip, they didn’t know that Cliff Lee, the founder of the Grace work in Curacao, and a co-laborer of the Hunts, would go home to be with the Lord at the beginning of their time of ministry on the island. For most of their two months in Curacao they were reminded of Cliff and his wife Betty’s hard work and commitment to the “Grace Message.” Because of this commitment and ministry, the message of Grace is firmly established in Curacao where there are two growing churches and a new house church.

While in Curacao, Clare and Nedra visited with people who were saved, blessed, and encouraged under the Lees’ ministry. We met with adults faithful in the Lord’s work who as children were reached through Cliff and Betty’s ministry.

The two churches in the Netherlands have their roots in the work of Cliff and Betty. Two Grace churches in the Netherlands, three in Curacao and a developing ministry in Bonaire is a substantial legacy.

The primary objective of their recent ministry was to do follow up for the Grace Conference held on the 9th, 10th and 11th of October. The seminars added to the understanding of dispensational theology and Grace doctrines. Their follow-up text was Basic Bible Doctrines by Donald Webb.

Please pray for the pastors and leaders as they continue their studies in the new year under the leadership of senior local pastors.


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