Reaching The Rukwa

Hello friends,
It’s hard to believe we are so close to Christmas as I write this update from Arusha, Tanzania. The temperature has been in the 80s and 90s even above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during our time in the Rukwa valley!
I have been here for the past month with my good friend Fred Bromm and recent friend Micah Good. Both of these men are farmers with considerable experience. It was especially good to be with them as we examined the new areas we seek to develop.

This has been an excellent trip as we begin the ground work for the new Agriculture Training Center which will be built in the Rukwa valley starting July of 2016. On this trip God has revealed to us that, even though we have property in both villages of Msia and Lyanza, the new mission station should be constructed in Lyanza.

We followed rivers, took soil samples, as well as had meetings with the village leaders and church leaders. There is much local excitement for the new station which will broaden our impact with the huge farming population of SW Tanzania. Kim and I will be constructing a home there and moving within a year after our return to Tanzania in July.

We are asking you to pray for us and financially support this new work! This training facility will be built through the generous donations of people like yourselves. It will directly impact the lives of the new future missionaries who come there to serve, as well as thousands of small scale local farmers, enabling us to share credibly and powerfully about our Savior.

The Training Center will be run through the farming revenue it generates so that monthly donations will not be needed for the Center. We have received $60,000 toward the goal of $209,000. If you wish to read more about the breakdown of these funds, our project is listed on Grace Ministries International’s missionary project page (click here).
Please prayerfully consider how you can be part of this valuable work with unreached people in Tanzania.

Thank you for your prayers for strength, patience, wisdom, and resiliency in this next phase of our lives!
Ted, Kim and Savannah Rabenold

UT fruit
Fred, Micah, and Eliamu with a fruit from the aptly named Baloney Tree
UT and tractor
Fred with the tractor and trailer we are planning to purchase in July from Kisolanza John Deere.
UT pastor and neighbor
Ted with Lyanza village pastor Hamisi Mkupa on the left and his new Lyanza neighbor Mzee Nonga in the center.
UT Bee Seminar
Ted trained beekeepers from the country of Senegal, Lindi region, Mbeya region, and Iringa region for four days, helping them understand how African bees can be used to help local people make a better living and impact the ecology of the surrounding environment.




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