“I actually think of them and smile every time I do dishes…” – Barbara Trumbower

We value and appreciate our missionaries so much. Because of that, we also deeply appreciate all of you who make it possible for our missionaries to be where they are, doing what God has called them to do. When Barbara Trumbower sent in this tribute to some of their dear friends and partners in ministry, I began to think of all the people, each of our individual missionaries could name, who have also played vital roles in their lives as missionaries. If one of those vital people to the ministry of GMI around the world is you, we want to thank you. Thank you for being willing to follow the Lord’s leading in partnering with our wonderful missionaries. We could not do this without you and we want you to know we value your servants’ hearts and generous spirits. May God receive all the glory. Please enjoy this special message from Barbara, missionary in Puerto Rico.

curtains There are some sweet memories in my kitchen which originated quite a few years ago, when our (all the missionaries’) dear friends Al and Cindy DeBuhr used to fly down and spend three months each January.  Al accomplished all kinds of maintenance/repair tasks in and about our houses, large and small, as well as in the camp buildings and environs ~ things that accumulate rapidly when each day ends before even the urgent things on our own lists were attended to adequately.  Cindy was a professional seamstress, who warmed the hearts of all of us ladies with her cheerful, quick, and great-looking dismissal of our mending projects, new curtains, clothes, chair covers, even couch and chair slipcovers and bunk mattress covers for the camp.  They were like ~ good at everything!

One of the “details” Cindy did for me was to sew a buttonhole in the center of one edge of a bunch of dishtowels, so I could hang each one (in turn) on a hook at the side of our refrigerator, ready when I wanted it and drying out in the meantime.  She also sewed a loop of material into the center of an 8-inch border on a couple of hand-towels which she also pleated.  These take turns on the knob of my knife drawer, between our stove and sink.  How many times have I washed those, I wonder ~ but they’re still going strong!

sinkIt was just that “simple” kindness which brought Cindy and Al to mind again today.  In fact, I actually think of them and smile every time I do dishes, or have to ask Lawrence to replace a broken louver crank or screen-holder on our several windows.  (The salt air here renders everything metal more temporary than expected.)

So today I raise my cup and tip my hat to Cindy & Al, and earnestly thank the Lord for them and all the others down through the years who have picked up some of the pieces we all keep dropping. May God bless your hearts, and encourage you once more that your efforts probably blessed us more than even you anticipated!

♥ ~ B



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