A Glimpse at the Past

Over the last two years you have journeyed through many people’s ministries and lives of people who serve with and under GMI. This week take a look at the pictures from the last 2 years where GMI has been and get a small full-picture of what GMI is doing around the world.

GMI Tanzania field
The current GMI field in Tanzania. All remain there serving the Lord except for the Ullyotts (far right) who were there for a 1 year commitment. We thank God for this team and are excited to see it grow!
Grace Gospel Church of Christ — Hibulangan
Grace Gospel Church of Christ — Hibulangan. This is one of the churches in the Philippines that was destroyed in the Hurricane and the EXITE team helped to restore in 2014.
Ortega sisters
Mary Sue Reed with the Ortega sisters. There is great ministry underfoot in Bolvia where the Reeds serve with wonderful godly people.
A team that climbed the mountains into Talamanca to minister to the unreached people there. God continues even now, to open doors of ministry to these people. Continue to pray with us and for the Befus family who are the ones leading the ministry to Talamanca.
Bible Time in Bonaire with Mrs. Denise Brunk. She is pictured teaching children at a community center on the Island. Her and her husband also have a Radio ministry that Airs every Sunday morning.
Missionary Kids (MKs) enjoying a village soccer game at sunset atop the car’s roof. Pray for our MKs. May they take advantage of the unique life they have been given!
Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli began serving the Lord in Nicaragua since February 2014. They are a young couple dedicated to the work of the Lord!
Kanisa La Neema, Kapenta – The Grace Church of Kapenta One of the many churches like it stretching through the Rukwa Valley of Tanzania.
Mercy & the Benson family
Mercy Mango ministering the local children of their ministry in Malawi. Eric and Mercy are a great team and have been serving the Lord in Malawi since January 2014.
Club Maravilla had its grand opening last year at the beginning of the school year. This is a after-school ministry for children in the Bario of Puerto Rico which was started by Kaylah Alicea (Fosnot). God did wonderful things last year and they have already began the club for this year!
The Sherman family took a survey trip around Lake Tanganyika and found great need and many ways where great ministry could be had. They had many great conversations on this trip and the Lord kept them safe as they traveled and packed everything into this small boat.
Ruth Survey Trip
Roths on their survey trip to Matagalpa, Nicragua. Where they are now living! Thankful for men and women serving the Lord that have sensitive hearts and seek the Lord’s leading!
Lynn Caraway is often found with children from the town’s orphanage in her home as she cares for ones with extra special needs.
Ted Rabenold taking a break from Bee seminars to share a soda with some of the church leaders’ kids in Kapenta. Look at the smiles!
Brook and parents
Visitors and guests are always a blessing but when it is your parents it is an extra special time! Brook Seekin’s came to visit her and her dad taught at a pastor’s conference in Sumbwanga, Tanzania.
flood people
Floods destroy many lives and homes in Malawi this last year. The Grace Church in Malawi was able to offer relief and help those who were effected and to share Christ with them.
brook blog 2
Last Summer Brook Seekins organized a Worship Seminar where people with great musical talent and experience came from the States to teach. Pictured is Dr. Jason Werkema of Grace Bible College teaching guitar lessons.
In March 2015 GMI held their first GMI MK ANCHOR Retreat for our college students. It was a great weekend in Gary Leyendecker’s cabin in MI and wonderful things learned from our Guest Speakers Zach Kemper and Kaleb & Amber Kemper.
Terese Benton teaching English at the local primary school of Kapenta. The 7th grade class recently graduated and Mike Benton was given the opportunity to be the guest speaker, sharing the gospel with over 500 people.
july roth post 1
Sally Roth continues to make great connections for the ministry to the deaf of Nicragua. She recently started classes to teach sing language to those involved in the lives of deaf people.
John & Naomi Caprari are our most recent missionary candidates! They begin deputation this fall with plans to head to Tanzania when their support is raised!
EXITE 2015 was in Malawi this year where they served in many difference capacities. If you are interest in EXITE 2016 visit http://www.grace.org
cameroon school 11
School just recently began in Cameroon at the Grace Church’s only school where they are hoping to have over 200 students!





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