Grace Ministries International is moving…

…and we are excited about the direction the Lord is taking us!

It is always He who gives the increase, but it is you and I who are called to plant and water (1 Corinthians 3:7). Serving Him is a privilege.

Your interest in GMI is valuable and crucial as we pursue Vision 2023.  The Lord continues to bless us two and a half years into this initiative. Click HERE to read our updated brochure which gives you a more in-depth summary of GMI’s activities relative to the pursuit of these goals: 8 new fields, 16 new U.S.-based missionaries, and 10 new GMI Partners and/or Associate Missionaries. To date, we have opened three new fields and have recruited three U.S.-based missionary families while also recruiting five international families as GMI Partners or Associate Missionaries.

Striving to reach goals is in and of itself dynamic. Throughout GMI we are also noting God’s dynamic movement as many missionaries are pursuing new ministry challenges in different areas of the country where they serve or in different countries altogether.

The Vintons, after thirty years of serving in Congo, are now part of the missionary team in Malawi. The Chapmans moved to Managua, Nicaragua, earlier this year to begin language studies and have just now moved to another city—Matagalpa—to join Jeff and Sally Roth who also moved to Matagalpa earlier this year. Talo Vergara left Ecuador and is now residing in Costa Rica for the next year and a half as he promotes missions to youth in Central America, works with our churches in Costa Rica, and does survey work and ministry throughout Central America. Alex and Deltha Gulart moved to their new home in Paraguay just a couple months ago. Steve and Barb Sherman have been actively investigating other areas in Tanzania to serve the Lord. Ted and Kim Rabenold are planning their move to another village in the Rukwa Valley to reach even more with the gospel. Kennedy and Sofia Simtowe are preparing to begin their full-time ministry in Zimbabwe. New missionary candidates John and Naomi Caprari and Jerry and Sandi Bomers are raising support to move their families to Tanzania and Paraguay respectively.

Consider the ways you can get even more involved in the work of GMI:

Pray. Visit our Facebook page to receive daily news and updates about what the Lord is doing through GMI. Pray for missionaries to fill our needs.

Go. As you review our missionary needs and opportunities, consider going to the field yourself. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Send. Support missionaries. For example, the Capraris and Bomers are new candidates and could use your support to reach the field.
May the Lord bless you this day as you serve Him.
Pressing towards the goal,
Jeremy Clark
Executive Director
Grace Ministries International


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