“God Has Consistently Placed His Attribute of Faithfulness Before Me…” – Kaylah Alicea

Hello Friends!

“. . .being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

face kaylahI wanted to write and share with you some things that have been on my heart lately and hopefully they will encourage you just as they have grown me. I love how God displays different attributes of Himself at certain times of our lives so we gain a better understanding of Him and who He is. This has been so true in my life this last year. God has consistently placed His attribute of faithfulness before me.

Growing up as a child, I always wanted two specific things in my life. One: to be a missionary, and two: to be a wife and mother. I always knew those desires were placed there by God, but never guessed how He would bring them to fruition in my life. Very early on, I felt a strong desire to serve overseas in Puerto Rico. I started going on missions trips in the ninth grade and quickly realized I loved the island and its people. I loved it so much, I kept going back! By the time college came around, I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in overseas missions. God led me to Multnomah Bible College where I majored in Bible/Theology and Intercultural Studies. I graduated with my degrees and was excited to be accepted by Grace Ministries International to serve in Puerto Rico.

I knew God had great things in store and was about to do major work in my life. However, through this whole experience I kept wondering about that second desire God had placed in my heart. I was actually sitting on a swing at Camp Caribe one summer right before I graduated crying out to the Lord about this exact predicament. There have been a few times in my life when I felt like the Lord led me specifically towards something and this time was one of them. I laid my heart out before Him and asked Him how He wanted to proceed with these two desires so fresh in my heart. I sat there reminiscing about God’s faithfulness in the past and knowing He would carry that on in the future. In that moment, God clearly revealed that I was to pursue the ministry here in Puerto Rico as a single woman for the time being. That was a hard thing to swallow because I wanted the husband and children desire to be fulfilled right away as well. But I relinquished my desire and placed it at His feet knowing He would fulfill it in His timing. The faithfulness of God was still all around me.

I had the privilege of serving in Puerto Rico for six months when God began to show His faithfulness yet again. He brought back into my life someone who I had previously met and dated in high school.  When it became evident to me that God was leading this man to capture my heart, I became hesitant. I had made mistakes in the past in regards to not listening to advice from godly people and jumping the gun on romance. I was afraid that this could be the same situation. I was also hurt from those past mistakes and had placed them on this man who had done nothing wrong. It was in that moment, that God brought me back to His arms of faithfulness. He reminded me that He can redeem any situation and that His plans are better than mine. He also reminded me that He promised to fulfill the desires that I had in my heart and it was going to be done His way.

Needless to say, I gave in and surrendered to all that God had in store. I quickly realized that God had fulfilled my desire with a man who knew the culture I was working in, could speak Spanish, wanted to be in full-time missions, and had a heart for serving and following the Lord. Every little thing that I had worried about God had resolved in the blink of an eye. He brought me back to His heart of faithfulness.

couple standing KaylahOn May 16, 2015, I walked down the aisle to a man who was crying tears of joy, ready to commit my life to a fulfilled promise of the faithfulness of God. I stood there in awe of a God who took my life and my desires and made them bigger and more amazing than I could ever have imagined…and literally one month after our wedding day, I found out I was expecting our first baby – another fulfilled desire that came from the faithfulness of God.

As I sit here writing this story down, I can’t help but think that this road I traveled wasn’t an easy one. There were moments of doubt that God had forgotten those deep desires He had placed in my heart. There were also moments of pain as others around me had their desires fulfilled before mine had come to fruition. But I can’t help but think that even though the journey was hard at times – the reward for waiting and trusting in the faithfulness of God was something that changed my life. It reminded me daily of how amazing our God is and that He has a specific plan laid out for each of us. All it requires is to go before Him and lay down all our desires at His feet. He is faithful! He will accomplish His good work in His timing. Take heart, friends! We serve an infinite God who is faithful to accomplish all His plans in His timing.

May we be encouraged to continue on in the faithfulness of God, knowing that nothing can stop an infinite God who wills and desires to bless us with good things that come straight from His hands.


Kaylah Alicea

family pic Kaylah

Kaylah and her husband are GMI missionaries to Puerto Rico. Kaylah started an after-school center in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island and a place she has a passion for and their age demographic is mostly teenagers; she believed that starting this type of center where teens are taken care of and the gospel is shared could transform the face of the island. To learn more about her ministry and GMI please visit http://www.gracem.org/web/?page_id=634


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