The Dear Deaf of the Valley

july roth post 2Dear friends,

I am so eager to share with you how I have seen God working here in Matagalpa amongst the deaf in the past several days! God connected us with a deaf professor and his wife from Rochester, NY! They felt God calling them to come to Matagalpa for a month. Yesterday, they accompanied me down into the valley where 10 or 12 deaf adults live. God made the weather perfect for the 2 hour descent, 2 hour family visits and 2.5 hour ascent! (A bit overcast, cooler and no rain like the day before). On our way down we met a woman who knew of the deaf people in the valley and offered to take us some Saturday when she was not working. I had met her before at the restaurant. As we approached the landmark where I needed help to locate the deaf, who would appear, but the young mom who helped us last time! I was unable to get a hold of her by phone, but God just sent her!! I was shocked and so blessed to see her walk around the school to us! She was on her way up to Matagalpa, but took the 2 hour break to lead us through the maze to the homes of the deaf people!

The deaf ladies and their aunt were so surprised to see a deaf man who was healthy, well fed, married and had a hearing son! Troy and Chris shared the best story ever using pictures and Troy found a way to communicate with these deaf ladies who had never gone to school or learned Nicaraguan sign! It was so beautiful when they would make connections!!! We met the deaf/blind woman also and I got to share with her parents how blessed I am to see them caring for and loving their precious daughter. This does not always happen in other countries. Out of their poverty, they blessed Troy and Chris with special fruit from their garden.

On our way back to the main road, we met a deaf and possibly legally blind man. As we journeyed the 2.5 hours back up the hill, God gave me plenty of opportunities to talk with the young mom about Jesus, church, salvation, a relationship with Jesus and the Bible! It was truly a precious, precious time for all of us! This is one of the verses God gave me to reassure me as I started today! Psalm 34:4 “I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” Perhaps you might pray for this ministry in the valley, for the dear deaf ones there and for God’s guidance?? Thank you so very much.

july roth post 1This blog post has been written by Sally Roth. She and her husband, Jeff are now living in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, after spending some time in Nagarote, Nicaragua, working alongside Milo and Raquel Seravalli. Jeff is involved in teaching Bible studies and mentoring, while Sally is working at the special needs school with the deaf children. Your prayers, gifts and encouragement make it possible for them to live in Nicaragua sharing God’s Word and His love.


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