“I always promised myself I wouldn’t ever be a missionary” – A testimony of God’s call to missions.

God is at work! It is thrilling to see Him work in the hearts and lives of His people. One of these people we’ve been seeing Him work through is Sandi Bomers who, along with her husband, are the newest members of the GMI family. They have recently been accepted as missionary candidates to Paraguay. They will be working alongside the Gulart family who arrived in Paraguay earlier this year. We have asked Sandi to share her testimony of how God called her to missions. Please read her incredible testimony below.

Jerry-and-Sandi-Bomers“I grew up as a missionary kid and lived in Kenya for most of my childhood. I know most MKs have a wonderful experience, love their adventurous life and always miss the place they lived. I didn’t have an experience quite like that. Most of the time, I was unhappy where I was and always blamed my parents for having what I considered a bad childhood. Looking back, I realized I chose my bad attitude and missed out on many things that could have been life-changing. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of great memories and was always grateful for the diversity I was exposed to; but, I sure thought my life should have been different. When I was in middle and high school I always promised myself I wouldn’t ever be a missionary. I remember asking my parents why they had chosen the life they did, but I don’t think I ever really listened to the answers they gave.

Isn’t it funny how God works in our lives? Fifteen years ago I thought being a missionary would be the last thing I would want to do, and now I can’t wait to get to the field! As I have grown older, I am recognizing what is truly important in life and what isn’t. God has been changing my perspective a lot in the last couple years. I used to think the sacrifices my parents made were definitely not worth it and didn’t see the way God was using them. Now I find myself saying the same things they used to tell me when I would question their choices. God has given us an amazing gift in His Son, Jesus Christ, and there isn’t anything more important than sharing His love and grace with others. I have gone from valuing the comfort of a stable and easy lifestyle to understanding that sometimes God calls us to something more than what is comfortable. When I look at Jesus’s life, I don’t see an easy one, but I do see one that was fulfilling and of the most importance. I want to give my life completely to God and pray that He can use me and my talents for His glory and not my own. I think a lot of this change in perspectives is just growing older and seeing life differently, and I thank God I have been able to see more of what He has called me to do. I know the road ahead won’t always be smooth or easy, but I know for sure that God will be with us every step of the way. He has already been working out some of my concerns and worries and it is such a blessing to see His guidance as we start this journey.”

Sandi was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and lived as a missionary kid in Kenya most of her life. Growing up, Sandi appreciated the rich experiences only missionary kids get to have. Her father, Dan Spooner, was a missionary pilot who mostly served other missionaries and her mother, Nancy, worked at a guesthouse. Her parents were a great example of people willing to serve the Lord wherever they were called and significantly contributed to Sandi’s desire to serve. In Sandi’s later teenage years and during college, she began to develop a deeper personal relationship with the Lord and felt a strong desire to follow Him.

Jerry was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and spent the majority of his childhood years in a single-parent home. His mother worked hard to keep him involved in church ministries almost every night of the week and contributed greatly to his spiritual growth. Jerry felt the calling to full-time ministry as a high school student and went on to pursue youth ministry at Grace Bible College. While at Grace, Jerry felt a passion for foreign missions while participating in several short-term trips. He later changed his major and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Jerry has been working in the mental health field ever since and is grateful for the experiences and knowledge he has gained.

Jerry and Sandi met at Grace Bible College and got to know one another during a short-term missions trip to Puerto Rico. They were married in 2009. Even while they were dating, they both felt a calling to missions and knew they would pursue it in God’s time. They have been blessed with two wonderful children, Addison and Clayton. Jerry and Sandi are excited to be in the process of becoming missionaries to Paraguay and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store as they start this new chapter in their lives. http://www.gracem.org/web/?page_id=3311


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