GMI – Mission Statement

In recent months, more people have become more aware of Grace Ministries International and the work the Lord is doing in and through the people involved with serving Christ with GMI. Because of this, I thought it appropriate that this week’s blog post included our mission statement and a description of GMI that can be found on our website at By reading this, you will gain a better understanding of how to pray and support Grace Ministries International’s missionaries. Thank you for you your prayers, encouragement, and support. May our Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory and may his Name be lifted high.
Grace Ministries International is an evangelical, Bible believing mission committed to sharing God’s grace with the world by bringing people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporating them into strong, self-sustaining churches. The mission of GMI is to send missionaries into various countries of the world to empower ministry leaders with the purpose of:
• preaching the gospel of God’s grace so that the hearers are led into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ;
• establishing indigenous churches where believers grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ;
• training and equipping men and women to do the work of the ministry in the churches; and
• spreading God’s love through acts of mercy such as helping people in medical, educational, and community development projects.

Grace Ministries International is an evangelical, Bible-believing, missionary-sending agency. Billions of people have never heard the gospel and over 6,000 people groups have no viable church; therefore, along with the world-wide evangelical community and more than 200 fellow members of Missio Nexus, we are committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all peoples of the world. At the present time, GMI is working in Australia, Bolivia, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Malawi, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, United States, Uruguay and Zambia, and cooperates with churches in Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, and Curacao/Netherlands which were planted by GMI missionaries in the past or are currently affiliated with GMI.

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