1,000 Kids For Christ Update April 2015

Bill Vinton writes the following to update us on the 1,000 Kids for Christ program:

In Church

We praise God that He continues to work amazingly through the One-Hope project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Mbavu reports that 2,902 students accepted Christ as Savior in the school year 2013-2014! Evangelistic trips are fewer than last year due to a lack of funds for bike transport, gas, and equipment repair and also there has been political unrest in part of the area which brings insecurity for the team.

Let me share with you some of the facts that were reported on six trips during a three-month period.

  • Covered a distance of 87.5 miles by bike and by foot over terrible roads.
  • Six places tract evangelism happened and the group members were able to talk to a total of 868 people of which 26 were saved and 129 made public confession of sin.
  • In the evenings there were 8 DVD showings of the God-Man video to 3670 people and 298 came forward to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Three places they had two-day conferences, 2640 people attended and 27 people were saved while 182 others confessed their sins.
  • The team visited 9 Grace Church schools where they were able to pass out 2152 One-Hope booklets to the students and give 839 books to chaplains and teachers who will use them during the year as they teach mandatory religion classes.
  • Chaplains and pastors were given 152 Teacher Discipleship Manuals and 750 Student Books which will be used in the discipleship program.

Pray for these committed servants as they continue to travel over bad roads in often unsafe areas to share the Gospel of God’s Grace. They carry on because of the passion God has given them facing many difficulties like having no financial help from the budget of the church. Pray for safety and good health as one of the lady members of the team almost died from malaria.



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