Could You Be One of the People We are Praying For?

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By 2023 we are praying for and seeking 16 new U.S. missionary families or individuals. The GMI missionaries currently serving on the field are a very talented and dedicated group with an incredible wealth of experience. We are excited about the prospect of having new missionaries work with this seasoned team as we look to reach out into new fields. In reality we are not just looking for 16 new missionaries, but 16 missionaries who will disciple others and release ministries, leaving a legacy that is not primarily buildings and programs but a legacy of national leaders who are multiplying themselves through investing in yet others.

bolivia_flagBOLIVIA—One of the needs is for a missionary to give direction to and develop a theological education program so the pastors and church leaders can better understand, teach, and live God’s grace.

nicaragua flagNICARAGUA—We would like to see another missionary or missionary family with a desire to evangelize, disciple and establish local churches and who will work with our Nicaragua team.

paraguayPARAGUAY—We are looking for teammates to come alongside and complement Alex and Deltha Gulart as we strive to plant churches in Paraguay.

tzTANZANIA—The Grace Church of Tanzania desires a missionary to work with and provide guidance to its education ministry. Education is an important part of Tanzanian culture.

tzTANZANIA—Grace Community Development & Education is looking for missionaries to work alongside Tanzania counterparts bringing small business/agricultural training to people in the SW highlands of Tanzania.

Zambia FlagZAMBIA—The GMI ministry in Zambia needs a missionary to advance theological education and to implement a Bible school program (already under development) which will educate national pastors and church leaders.

Zambia FlagZIMBABWE—We need missionaries who can come alongside the churches and believers in Zimbabwe in order to better equip and provide further education for the pastors and church leaders.

“VISION 2023: 16 new missionaries by 2023”

Grace Ministries International
PO Box 9405
Grand Rapids, MI 49509


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