Finding HIS LOVE at Club Maravilla

IMG_0564            It’s hard to believe we only have three weeks left of our school year here in Puerto Rico. I’ve had some time to reflect this last weekend on all that has occurred in this last year of Club Maravilla and it truly is amazing. God has done a marvelous work through this ministry and I feel truly honored to be a part of it.

IMG_0634_2 IMG_0630_2

Club Maravilla grand opened last August as a place where kids could come after school and find homework help, build friendships, and encounter the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. We started with about 10-15 kids coming pretty regularly. By the end of last month, we averaged between 25-30 kids regularly and have seen eight kids come to know the Lord through the program. It has tied in beautifully with our after-school Bible program on Wednesdays and our youth group on Friday nights. Club Maravilla has become a main staple for the kids all around the barrio and it is a joy to see.

IMG_0471 IMG_0490

One of my favorite things about this ministry is that I get to engage these kids on a personal level. Usually within a week of showing up at club, the child is ready to have a heart-to-heart conversation about whatever may be going on in their life. This has given me many opportunities to share the gospel, show love, and pray for children who are coming from difficult backgrounds and need to see the love God has for them. It also has allowed me to reach tougher kids through reading assignments and English homework. I feel very blessed to be trusted and loved by so many kids and to be able to talk about real life issues and provide them with the support they are so earnestly seeking.


Club Maravilla has become such a blessing to me and to the kids in this community. We host many parties, programs, and outreach events under this name now because it is so well know and loved in the community. And all of this is a work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one changing lives in club and drawing more and more kids through the front gate. His love is something these kids have been searching for and they are finally finding it!


Please be in prayer for us as we finish up these next few weeks before summer vacation. We will be getting ready to host two different weeks of VBS this summer as well as our re-opening in August. Please pray that this ministry continues to share the love of Christ, provides more areas of ministry, and continues to reach more and more kids in the barrio. Thanks again for your support and prayers this last year. We are so grateful to know you all stand with us and with these kids through prayer. May God continue to bless His work!

In Him,

Kaylah Fosnot

P.S. Club Maravilla means ‘Club of Wonder’ and this is our theme verse: “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3


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