What if a Bible was the Only Book in Your Home?

946548_10201268001886460_926201553_nOne of our missionaries from Mumba, Mike Caraway, recently took a trip in Tanzania and this is what he writes: “We are thankful to have participated in a large Bible and tract distribution along with our guests from Colorado and Michigan. We went on an over 15-hour, 350-kilometer trip to a number of primary and secondary schools in the rural areas all the way out to Lake Tanganyika giving each student and teacher a Swahili New Testament and a tract about God’s desire for each of them. All the students would gather together at the school and we shared why we were there and that these Bibles are their own and how they can ask God to help them understand as they read His word. Pray for these students and teachers. For many this is the only book of any kind that is in the home where they live. We distributed 4,950 Bibles that day and then another 89 at GCDE’s Mumba Literacy Program two days later.”

Pray for these individuals who received Bibles. Pray that God’s Word would reach into their hearts and that they would understand the way of salvation. Pray for follow up and opportunities for them to go to church and Sunday school near their homes so they can be taught and learn more about God and his will for their lives.

Primary-school-students-with-the-Bibles-they-received-665x185Photo: primary school students with the Bibles they received



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