INSPIRE ~ Rabenold Update From Tanzania

kids at waterThe water project in Msia is moving along nicely. The tank is constructed and the water pipe has arrived to the village. We are waiting for a group of villagers organized by the village chairman to dig a 1.5 meter deep trench from the dam on the Lili River to the water tank so that the pipe can be safely covered with sand and loose soil. A trench this deep will guard the pipe from being damaged in the future by such things as thirsty opportunistic people with spears, plows and road graders. As soon as the trench is dug, the pipe will be run under-ground and connected to the tank. The village is building two water stations that will be connected to the big tank by ¾” poly-pipe. Thank you to all who have contributed to this valuable project.water towerWith the focus upon starting an Agricultural Training Institute in the Rukwa Valley, we have realized the need for better equipment. We are seeking to get a 75 hp tractor for the building work and agricultural applications. As a country, Tanzania has no taxes on agricultural equipment. That means that the John Deere Model #5503 tractor pictured here will cost $27,000. This tractor can be purchased in Tanzania and the cost is slightly less than to buy it here in USA. Pray for us as we seek to raise funds for the purchase of a tractor and trailer. We are also planning to ship an ocean-going container with farm implements and agricultural and building supplies for development of a new mission station.

eliam with tractor
Eliamu, pictured here beside the tractor we are hoping to purchase for the development of a new station dedicated to training Agriculturalists.

The population in the Rukwa Valley is growing and the majority of people living there are farmers. To impact people for Christ we believe that Christians need to be at the forefront in training local agriculturalists about better farming techniques. How are we inspiring the next generation? How are we visibly providing new agriculture and livestock methods for small-scale farmers to imitate? Ideas as simple as taking throw-away plastic water bottles, drilling/poking holes in them and burying them in the ground next to tomato plants to irrigate the root system more efficiently is a classic illustration of one way that local people can impact their yields using local resources.

Cosima with press
Cosima, running our Lyanza village sunflower oil press. Diversifying agricultural crops for local farmers.

Work with the 2%. We are dedicated to training and helping the 2 percent of nationals who are Change Agents. Working in Tanzania for these many years has taught us that Africa can only be changed by Africans. So, how are we impacting the 2% of the population that will change the majority of people in our Valley? It is a fact that a small percentage of people will dictate what happens to the entire country. That small percent of people are hungry to grow and learn new things. We believe that it is possible to identify that group and work primarily with them to bring about lasting change.

2 percent
Leadership team pictured in front of oil press house, Lyanza village, Rukwa valley.

We strive to be the best “beekeeper trainers” in Tanzania. By continually placing new hives in the field, we get strong colonies that are incorporated into our training seminars. Comprehensive training will take place again in Kapenta village from May 27 through June 1, 2015. At this point we have two groups preparing to come, one from Songea region and the other from Kigoma region.

bee keeping
For our “hands on” training seminars we need lots of strong colonies.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the work in Tanzania,
Ted, Kim and Savannah Rabenold

sugar cane kids
Everybody loves sugar cane from our garden in Lyanza village!
ladies with fruit
Three of the ladies from the Kapenta women’s group with fruit that they sell from their “group garden” to help with their outreach work and marketable skills.

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