Help Wanted

help_wanted-neonHELP WANTED!
As I travel around speaking in churches in the States right now, I am recruiting.  I am looking for you to come and help out.   There are many opportunities for you to come and serve in various fields of GMI.  I want to share with you some opportunities to serve  in Tanzania.
Every June we run Youth Camp in Tanzania.  We have Tanzanian counselors who work with each group of campers but we are looking for young people from the US to come and serve alongside this team of Tanzanians.
This is an extreme mission trip of 5-6 weeks. You would be teaching  workshops, sharing the Gospel, helping prep and run camps,  hanging out with campers and counselors, and learning about life in Tanzania. We will pair you up with your own Tanzanian translator who will help you as you teach workshops and will also help you learn about their culture. You may even pick up some Swahili along the way!  I guarantee it will be a life-changing experience.
We are looking for energetic people with willing hearts. You need to be finished with your junior year of high school or older.

brooks blog 1WORSHIP SEMINAR
   Every two years we run a seminar to work with musicians and leaders from the choirs in our churches.  We teach them to read and write music, to better play their instruments, to glorify the Lord in their music and to lead their congregations in worship.
We are looking for guitar players, keyboardists, vocalists, bass guitar players, and sound guys to help lead this seminar. This is about a 3-week trip.  Our next seminar is scheduled for May 2016.

brook blog 2brook blog 3
  There is a huge need for marriage retreats/camps in Tanzania. We have put this ministry on hold right now because of the lack of material and those to teach.  We are looking for 1-2 couples to come and run a seminar with pastors and their wives. They will then take this course to their respective areas and run these seminars in the villages.

  We are also looking for some pastors and their wives to come over and speak at a conference to encourage our pastors and their wives.  We want to encourage them in theology and in their walk with the Lord.

  If you are interested in coming over and helping in any of these ways, please contact us:  If you cannot come yourself, will you pass the word on to friends or family members who may be able to help us out?  If you cannot come or recruit, will you pray with us that God would raise up those who can help us in these ministries? Thanks so much!  Karibuni Tanzania (Welcome to Tanzania)!

Brook Seekins


Brook Seekins lives in Mumba, Tanzania (near the city of  Sumbawanga Southwest Tanzania) since 9/12/2001. She is the Mshauri wa Idara ya Vijana (Advisor to the Youth Department). There are about 70 Grace churches in Tanzania. Most of the members of our churches are Youth. (That is partially because ‘youth’ means anyone from the age of 13 – 35.) She works with a team of Tanzanian pastors and elders to guide the Youth of these churches. Their Goal is to raise the Youth up to become godly leaders for the church.


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