Malawi Flood Relief

flood air viewEarly in January, Malawi experienced torrential flooding as the southern part of the country received a large amount of rain in a short amount of time on land which had previously been experiencing drought conditions. While one church that we know of which is affiliated with Grace Ministries International under the Grace Church of Malawi was damaged, several homes and fields of folks who attend these churches were damaged. From January 23-26 GMI Partners Joseph Asong and Eric Mango traveled to this region to conduct surveys for future ministry and to see the damage done for themselves. Regarding the trip Joseph wrote, “We could not help everyone but that did not stop us from helping those whom we could. The LORD graciously made some emergency funds available that helped us give some preliminary assistance. But there is much more to be done.”

The GMI missionary team in Malawi, along with the leadership of the Grace Church of Malawi, met to discuss how they might be able to help those in need. Our missionary team would like to raise a minimum of $2,000 as they work alongside the Grace Church of Malawi to assist with the repair of homes, buildings, and replanting fields while providing food, lodging and transport for a team which will assist in the relief effort. Though lacking in resources, the churches of the Grace Church of Malawi are also collecting resources through the end of this month which will be used to help those in need.

If you would like to give towards this effort, please click HERE, select “other” and write “Malawi flood relief” in the “comments” section. You may also email us at or call us (616-241-5666). The reality is that our missionary team has only visited a segment of the affected areas. As they receive more news and reports, there are sure to be other churches and members of these churches who have also been affected by this disaster.

Pray for wisdom for our missionary team, that relief will be provided to those in need, and that the doors will be opened to share the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through Whom is given the forgiveness of sins.

Pressing towards the goal,

Jeremy Clark

Executive Director

flood falls flood people

Photo 1: courtesy of The Daily Times Malawi
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