ANCHOR – MK Retreat

ANCHORWe have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 9:16

This will be the theme of GMI’s first ever ANCHOR Retreat for college MKs! This retreat will be held March 6-8 just an hour and a half outside of Grand Rapids, MI. I have prayed a lot about this retreat and have asked the Lord to bring those he wants. I believe that the Lord can and will do this. We have wonderful speakers putting together some awesome material for these missionary kids. The speakers will be Kaleb and Amber Kemper and my husband, Zach Kemper. Kaleb grew up in Tanzania, and finished up high school at the boarding school Rift Valley Academy, while he was at boarding school his family moved back to Michigan. Zach was 14 upon his return to the States, having spent his childhood in Tanzania as well. Kaleb & Zach are sons of Ken & Kathy Kemper. Amber spent her all of her growing up years in Costa Rica as the daughter of Chuck & Joy Befus. Though I may be a bit bias, I truly believe that they will have some incredible truths and eye opening perspectives to share with our MKs for this season of life.

My goals with this retreat are that MKs feel understood and accepted for who they are in Christ, that they are encouraged in their relationships with friends and family in their new Stateside culture, and to provide a safe environment for these MKs to grow and bond together. But most important, my goal is that they are challenged & encouraged in their relationship with Christ – as it is through the gift of his grace alone we have such hope – an anchor for our souls.

I have been planning discussion, activities, food, games and more for our time together, and I will admit that it is especially fun to plan for young people when it involves, maps, ethnic foods, multiple languages, sugar cane, mango juice, the missionary game, chai and connecting people that have deep and often unrecognized commonalities and challenges.

IMG_2710Our goal is to have a minimum of 10 MKs with us this year. It is the first MK college age retreat and we are hoping as it continues in the future, that number will grow.

Will you join me in prayer for this retreat?

-Pray for our 3 speakers as they plan and prepare for their 4 sessions.

-Pray for our MKs and their attendance, that as many as possible are able to come.

-Pray for the planning of all the details.

-Pray that above all Christ is glorified.

-Thank God that the Leyendeckers are graciously letting us host our retreat from their cabin.

-Thank God for awesome Speakers.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership! We look forward to sharing an update with you after the retreat takes place.

May God lay our MKs on your hearts often to lift them up in your prayers and encourage them when given the chance.

-Erin Kemper



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