“That’s Not an Excuse to Limit the Gospel”

Brook and parentsWe parents often joke about our daughters not dating until they are 60, or maybe tease them about staying close to us as they grow. Having a daughter ministering in Tanzania with GMI has sparked questions and comments from other parents of adult children such as: “How can you stand to have your daughter so far away?” Or “I could never let my kids be away like that.” And they weren’t joking! Because they have for the most part been Christians, it makes me want to grab them by the collar and ask if they realize what they are saying! I’d like to ask them about their belief in and vision for the gospel and the gospel in the world!

Not only am I grateful that Brook is willing to serve the Lord wherever that takes her, I’m proud that she has put the Lord first in her life and allowed Him to use her for His glory on the mission field! If Brook weren’t in Tanzania, I’m confident that she’d serve the Lord wherever she might be. And I would be just as proud! But that’s not an excuse to limit the gospel in ourselves or our children!

BrookWhile she was in high school we challenged Brook with a mission opportunity. She resisted due to the circumstances. But right after high school she set those circumstances (excuses) aside and took the opportunity. You’ll have to ask her about what God was doing in her heart, but ever since she’s had a burden for missions. And we’re enthused with her reports and the reports of others as to what she’s accomplished for the Lord. Her dedication has touched the lives of Africans and Americans as she shares what God is doing through her. It’s changed her life and ours in ways we’d never desire to trade for a few more days together over the past few years!

Grace to you, Jeff Seekins

The author or this blog is a pastor of a GGF church in Tipp City, OH, and, as you may have realized is the father of our GMI missionary, Brook Seekins, who serves in Tanzania. We are thankful that she has God-glorifying parents who support her in her call to the mission field. We would like you to take his challenge personally. How can you support and encourage those in your life who are called to the the mission field – whether they be your own children or others?


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