We Were Watching

Parents’ lives are open books to their children. Erin Kemper shares a little of what she learned from watching her missionary parents through her upbringing. Erin Kemper (Benton) grew up, from the ages of 12-18, in Tanzania, East Africa. She married a fellow MK who was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Tanzania. Together they now live in Virginia where Zach, her husband, is the Assistant Pastor at Valley Bible Church.

2provb356My husband, Zach, and I both grew up in missionary homes. We saw our parents sacrifice in many ways, including a move around the world in order to follow “God’s will.” They stepped out into the unknown, into fears and wild adventures with the Lord in order to follow His will. They left family and friends, secure jobs, and wonderful church families to follow God’s will. Zach’s parents even made the decision to move back to the States, after 16 years of living life in Africa with extremely hard goodbyes to follow God’s will. My parents have followed God’s will to remain serving in Africa even though now all four of their children are living in the States, married and/or in college.

129873708570374525As children of missionaries, Zach and I share the testimony of God’s grace in our lives in having been given the blessing of seeing our parents live out, very obviously, how important the will of God is—and when you are in the center of God’s will, there is no better place to be. Our parents did and would still do anything to remain in the center of God’s will. Now, as their children that is our goal.

IMG_3524Parents, what are you modeling for your children? I am not a parent yet, but I am someone’s child—and I can testify that your children are watching you. All through my life, even as a young girl, my parents’ example has been continually impressed upon me. Are you demonstrating to your children how important it is to seek God’s will continually, and to do all that He calls you to in order to remain at the center of His will? They will see it. I did.


3 thoughts on “We Were Watching

  1. This is an awesome testimony! It reminds me of the Prov. 31 chapter. Your children will rise up and call you blessed, (the mother) and there are others in the Proverbs about the Father. I am proud of Ken and Kathy Kemper. I am assuming this picture is of Zach Kemper and his wife, Erin. (if I am wrong, please let me know!) 🙂

  2. We thank God for this testimony Erin. I have a similar testimony and my prayer is that our own children will have a similar testimony. Give us your grace everyday, LORD!

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