10 Days Ago – With the Roths

Ruth Survey Trip

Dear Ones,
Ten days ago we shared an update about our Matagalpa survey trip asking you to pray for God’s guidance, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and safety on the roads during out A wonderful survey trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua!

LeilyGod guided us to so many dear people!  We met with Leily, the deaf president of the deaf association. She is planning to do survey trips, searching for deaf kids in the mountains during the month of January.  As we asked her questions, we found that she is too busy to attend church. We are unsure about her salvation.  She did not know signs for “grace and mercy”.  While eating dinner, an older precious missionary couple approached us and invited us to their home for dessert.

translatingGod opened the door for me to sign for 3 deaf young men in a youth service.  Jeff helped me listen, as I would go down one path explaining a sign or concept they did not understand and then lose my place in the sermon.  Axel, Jose and Efraim cracked me up at times and then asked such deep life questions at other times.  Axel seemed very contrite when the pastor spoke of confession.  We asked Axel if we could go to his house the next day!  What a treat to share the way of salvation with Axel using the evangicube!!  Milo shared a wonderful evangelism story using 3 ropes and then we listened to Axel’s mom explain why she does not go to church.

God led us to Flor de Maria, a precious vender mom in the park.  As Raquel asked her questions, we heard her say that she knows she is going to hell because she is such a terrible sinner.  We met an 83 year old man working on the foundation to a Catholic Church addition.  He had enlisted the help of several children to carry bags and buckets of dirt up the hill.  Milo asked him about his salvation and he was quite certain that all of his good works would get him to heaven.

workingGod just kept opening doors for us!  Kristine and I came down from a windy lookout to find a group of high school girls eager for help with their English homework.  This opened the door for more conversation and the chance to show love to these girls.

In addition to all these blessings, God gave us protection in every way: mountain roads, crazy traffic in Managua, no police stops, and the car worked very well!

learningWe are so blessed by the answers God gave us to these prayers!  We are also positively overwhelmed, needing God to help us process all these new things and direct us!  Thank you so very much for your prayers for us! If God brings any of these dear ones to your mind, please pray for them.  May God bless you!

In Christ,

Jeff & Sally Roth

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