Romans 1:8 – Update from the Reed Family – Missionaries in Bolivia

We packed and sealed our last box and put it in the upper storage closet just as our doorbell rang. It was 2 AM and Tasha and her friends had arrived so we could be on our way to the Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After finalizing many details, storing our belongings, packing what we would need for the coming year and saying many good-byes, we were finally headed back to the states. Five of Tasha’s closest friends drove to the airport with us to say their final good-byes. After hugs and tears we boarded our first flight which would take us to Lima, Peru. From there we headed on to Miami, then Chicago and finally to Grand Rapids, MI. Our oldest son Taylor met us at the airport to drive us to Muskegon, MI (Dan’s parent’s house) which would be our home base for the next year. It had been two years since we had seen Taylor; what a wonderful sight he was!!!

Tasha and friendsOne of the first things we did after arriving in the states was visit Mary Sue’s side of the family in Kansas City, MO. We were able to visit not only her parents, but her brother and his family who live just five minutes away. It was so good to see our family! Mary Sue’s dad has been in an Alzheimers home for over three years now. It is hard to see our loved ones like this, but we are thankful that we were able to see him several times during our visit. Tasha helped feed her grandpa his lunch one day which was so precious! Please pray for Mary Sue’s mom (Phyllis Robart) as she continues to visit her husband everyday, even though he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

We returned to MI for about a week before heading to Virginia to see our middle son, Trevor. He is starting his third year at USC in Los Angeles, CA, but had a summer internship with NASA in Hampton, VA. We drove fourteen hours one way to see him for just a day and a half but it was completely worth it! What a wonderful time to be together as a complete family again! We had so much fun! It had been two years since the five of us had been together, and who knows when it will happen again! Our daughter Tasha just graduated from Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center in Bolivia. She is very excited to be at Grace Bible College. Our oldest son, Taylor is planning on going to Puerto Rico in early September, to work on a coffee farm. His desire is to learn, through first hand experience, the whole coffee process. Since he is always up for a new adventure, we are sure he will enjoy this unique experience.

After our trip to VA, we headed right out to Minneapolis, MN for the Grace Gospel Fellowship Family Bible Conference. What a blessing to see so many friends and to worship together in English! At the conference, we had the privilege of being part of a GMI missionary panel along with Bill and Sue Vinton (veteran missionaries to Africa). It was good to be able to share along with the Vintons about general missionary life and then more specifically about Bolivia. We have had the opportunity to be part of two Vacation Bible Schools this summer and to share about Bolivia in several different settings. Our hearts are touched as we see pictures of our Bolivian friends whom we have grown to love so much. We are looking forward to the opportunity to visit and share our ministry in Bolivia with many of you in these coming months. It has been good to be here with Dan’s parents in Muskegon, MI. We have had a few campfires in their backwoods which is such a relaxing way to end the day. We will soon be traveling to the Northwest for mission conferences.

Thank you so much for your support of our ministry here in Bolivia! Because of your prayers and financial support we have the privilege to work among these precious people. Thank you so much for partnering with us!

Please pray:

  1. For our Bolivian pastors and their families.
  2. For Pastor Adalid Mendoza and his family as his wife Turi recently went to be with the Lord.
  3. For our daughter Tasha as she starts her freshman year at Grace Bible College.
  4. For our co-workers in Bolivia, Aimee Johnson and Rachel Matychuk.
  5. For us as we will be traveling to churches to raise support for our ministry.

Dan with brothers


  1. That we were able to attend the GGF Family Bible Conference.
  2. For the wonderful news we received from Rachel Matychuk that about 20 campers from our    Henry Prince School came forward to receive Christ at a recent camp out at Camp Buena Vista. Rachel is part of a leadership team that works with different youth camps.
  3. For the blessing of seeing family and friends again.

Serving through Christ,

Dan, Mary Sue, and Tasha Reed

We’ve also attached a picture of Dan with Ariel and Guillermo Choquebarra (brothers) who stopped by to pray for us hours before we left for the States.

If you would like to learn more about the Reeds Ministry or how you can be involved, please visit: and click on the “Missionaries” link.


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