God Powerfully at Work in a Pocket in Zambia – Part 2

Two weeks ago we promised you part two of an update from Tim & Debbe Meier who serve in Kabwe, Zambia. Here is the second quick look at some of the aspects of life and ministry lived out by this couple who are dedicated to serving the Lord in this pocket of Africa where God is mightily at work! http://bit.ly/TimandDebbeMeierGMI

Prayer and Mentoring Ministry: Tim and I continue to give back to the next generation of missionaries, and are investing in the future of missions by purposefully and intentionally mentoring younger missionaries.  One of the great opportunities we have here in Kabwe, is being able to coach, guide and lead these young men and women in the truth of God’s word.  Praying for and encouraging these young men and women in their faith is a huge part of our ministry as we believe it provides care for these young missionaries to continue in their ministries.  In this picture, Tim is praying a blessing over one of the local German missionaries as he prepares to depart on a new phase of life and ministry.  It is a joy and an encouragement to us as well, to see each of these individuals grow in their individual faith and ministries here in Kabwe.

IMG_7187Deaf and Vulnerable Children Ministry transitioning to the Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation: The Deaf Ministry is growing and changing!  Recently we met with our good friends Roy and Sarah who lead the Deaf Ministry here in Kabwe to hear about their dream of growing the ministry into an official child foundation called:  Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation.  After praying with them and several meetings, we gathered together with the major stakeholders in the ministry and began planning and brainstorming.  The meetings began and ended with prayer, as each individual on the planning team collaborated with the others to envision a future for the Deaf Ministry.  From those meetings, a board was formed and established for Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation.  Roy and Sarah, with the assistance of Tim and I then proceeded to write a missions statement, vision statement, ministry plan, by-laws and business plan for Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation.  The picture shows the team meeting together to build and develop this new phase of the ministry.

IMG_7145Deaf and Vulnerable Children Ministry – Soccer and Net Ball Competition: Sports and the gospel unite!  Pastor Simon Mwanamoya runs a regular sports ministry here in Kabwe, hosting sporting events – training camps and competitions – where he shares the gospel.  In these pictures he is running football [soccer] and netball competitions.  The boys played football, and the girls played netball [a game like basketball without dribbling the ball or having a backboard on the hoop].  Children from our Deaf Ministry also competed in the football and netball competitions.  The first picture is a picture of the deaf boys’ football team after tying the top team in the league.  In the other picture, you will see a picture of the deaf girls’ netball team and another team listening to a short devotion, and praying together before the final game.  The girls’ netball team won the competition by soundly defeating the other teams and winning all their games.  The deaf teams did so well despite not having cleats or tennis shoes of their own.  Both teams were so happy to have their own uniforms!  What a fun a day for all!

IMG_7166IMG_7172 Thank you for your prayers and support for Tim & Debbe Meier. To learn more about their ministry and family, GMI and how to partner together with the Meiers in their ministry, visit http://www.gracem.org/web/?page_id=663



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