1 Year Anniversary in Santa Cruz

In Touch and In Tune

From Aimee Johnson

Missionary in Santa Cruz Bolivia: http://bit.ly/AimeeJohnsonGMI

Geetings from Santa Cruz to all my beloved friends and family!!! I have no shortage of things to share about in updating you all on what the last six months of ministry have looked like and what is on the horizon! In less than a month I will be celebrating a year in Santa Cruz! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness! How time flies, especially when you are busy, busy, busy!


Ministry Updates/Praises:

  1. On Saturday afternoons I help at Jesucristo Vive, one of our churches, with their AWANA (OANSA) program, teaching in Cubbies (Ositos). I have a really great group of little ones whom I adore, and I am really blessed they love me back! The two younger groups recently participated in the AWANA games at our Vida Nueva School (the games for the older two groups are still to come) and this past Saturday we had a fair for all of our kids with carnival games and prizes for those who could correctly answer questions from their handbooks. I’m really enjoying this chance to get to know the kids better and be more involved at Jesucristo Vive!
  2. In mid-March I began to implement curriculum at Jesucristo Vive as a test run of sorts before I make it available to all of our churches. My friend Danyig, who recently returned here from Uruguay where she was attending Seminary, is working alongside me in this endeavor, which is a real blessing as she has more experience with adolescent ministry than I do and can therefore work on curriculum geared at that age range while I continue to concentrate on children 3 to 12 years old. She’s also a blessing from the Lord in that she LOVES to talk (whereas I remain an hopeless introvert) and really has a gift with teaching so she is an enormous help to me when we meet regularly with the Sunday School Superintendent and our teachers!


Frosty and Cathy Hansen’s Visit. In April/May we were blessed to have Frosty and Cathy Hansen here with us for a couple of weeks! Frosty was one of my pastors growing up before they became missionaries in Bolivia. They spent 12 years serving here in Santa Cruz before returning to the States so he could serve as the president of the Grace Gospel Fellowship. While they were here they both had opportunities to speak at various churches and also taught seminars while attending church anniversary celebrations. It was a very busy time for all of us but such a blessing and encouragement to have them back, even if for a short time! We were able to host a dinner for the pastors and their wives and though it did rain, everyone had an excellent time!


MEB Church Anniversaries. In the last three months alone we have celebrated the anniversaries of seven of our Grace churches here! It has been really exciting to attend many of their celebration activities and hear what the Lord has done, to hear of His faithfulness and His goodness to our Grace believers! It is also really great to see how many people come from sister churches to celebrate alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ!

fancy group

Orphan Ministry. I continue to go to Judah Quy on Wednesdays and Stansberry on Fridays to help take care of the orphans who live at each home. We presently have 13 children at J.Q. (the home for sick babies, ages 0-4 at present), and at Stansberry I oversee a house of 10 children, the youngest being four months and the oldest, 14. Right now the kids at Stansberry are on Winter Break so my Fridays are a little crazy with all of them at home, but I am loving it all the same! At Judah Quy we have had several new babies come over the last several months. This has been truly wonderful, especially as we get to witness first-hand how God blesses these little ones and works on their behalf, to strengthen their bodies, expand on their capabilities and reveal who each one is through their sweet and often mischievous, little personalities! God is SO GOOD!


Women’s Ministry. The MEB’s Women’s Committee recently held a dinner gala, inviting anyone from our churches to come and celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day with us. We had special guests come in and sing, including a mariachi band (which is almost a prerequisite at celebrations here). We also had a special speaker who addressed the roles of a mother and father, their importance and what God has to say regarding them. It was a really great night with really great food and really great companionship as well!

Additional Praises:

  • In May I took two weeks’ vacation and went down to Montevideo, Uruguay to visit my friends and church family there. I had a really wonderful time with all my loved ones and really enjoyed catching up on what the Lord has been doing in Uruguay, not to mention witnessing His faithfulness in completing the bathroom project that they were waiting to start back when I left in July 2012!
  • I returned to Bolivia just in time to see Tasha Reed graduate from the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. It was really nice to be a part of her special night and see her get her diploma before she goes on to college in the fall. I will definitely miss her!


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the Lord’s hand and protection to be upon the mission property, as well as upon me and Rachel as we are here in Santa Cruz without the Reeds while they are on home assignment for a year. It’s a little intimidating to be responsible for so much but I’m so grateful that everything entrusted to me at present really belongs to the Lord and so I’m trusting Him to take care of what is His!
  • Please pray for the orphans I’m involved with on a weekly basis and for their health! Rachel and I just received news that one of our sick little boys passed away this morning and that is really HARD, especially as we were not expecting this, but it is so GOOD to know He is safe in Jesus’s arms and whole now, even if our arms feel empty without him to hold!
  • Please pray for my dear friend Rubit and her husband Adalid! She is a wonderful woman of God here who teaches at the Henry Prince School. About a month ago they found out that she has a tumor in her brain which is affecting her memory, amongst other things. Please pray for wisdom and the Lord’s guidance for the doctors and for Rubit and Adalid too! Pray for the Lord to heal her, if it’s His will!
  • Please pray for our churches that are in the midst of construction projects! Pray that the Lord will provide for their needs and continue to encourage them as they seek how to better serve Him and their church bodies!
  • Please continue to pray that the Lord will guide me as I seek to serve Him and will help me to manage my time well with all that I have to do here!

Thank you all so much for your love, generosity, kindness and faithfulness in praying for and supporting what the Lord has brought me to Santa Cruz to do! I am so blessed to have each and every one of you behind me in this venture!

May God bless you all exceedingly!




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