Costa Rica Kids’ Games

Please read the exciting following report from Laura Herr on her and her team’s mission trip to Costa Rica for Kids Games 2014:

From June 28 through July 8, we took a youth group team from Eastport Bible Church on a missions trip to Costa Rica. We had 26 people, including high school students, college students and adult leaders. Our goal for the time that we were there was to help out at Kids’ Games and to work on local projects at the church in Belen. For the majority of our team, this was their first experience in Costa Rica and for half of our team, this was their first experience on a missions team.

While we were there, we were able to have our 26-member team divided between the Kids’ Games programs at the Grace churches in Belen and Alajuela. Kids’ Games Alajuela started on Monday and met at a beautiful local sports complex for the week. There were around 200 children each day to enjoy songs, games, Bible lessons, crafts, sports and cultural times with our New York team. Our missions team prepared mini-lessons and activities about New York City, New York pizza, our Four Seasons and Broadway. The Kids’ Games in Belen started on Tuesday and also had about 200 children attend throughout the week. They met at the Belen church and enjoyed a very similar program. It was a huge blessing for our team to be able to participate in Kids’ Games at both churches.

It was so beautiful to see all of the children who came to Kids’ Games. Both churches had a wonderful team of leaders and student leaders, and we were able to come alongside them to help out wherever we were needed. Since only two members of our team could speak Spanish fluently, the majority of us just enjoyed playing and hanging out with the kids using limited Spanish to communicate. Thankfully, sharing God’s love with the many children whom we worked with happened through playing games and interacting and not so much through being able to speak the same language.

It was an incredible blessing for our team to be able to be a part of such an amazing outreach. We are so thankful for the time we spent with Alonso and his beautiful wife, Silvia, and Chuck and Joy Befus, too. We pray that God will continue to richly bless their churches and their ministries in Costa Rica.

Take time to enjoy pictures from their trip below: These pictures were taken by Laura Herr, member of this missions trip, author of this post and is a great photographer in NY.











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