Vision 2023 – July Update


July 2014 – Vision 2023 Update

Dear Friends of GMI,

It has been over a year since Grace Ministries International adopted a ten-year strategic plan—Vision 2023. With your faithful encouragement, prayers and support we have made substantial strides towards reaching our three major goals: opening 8 new fields, recruiting 16 new U.S. missionary families or individuals, and recruiting 10 new GMI Partners or Associate Missionaries who would serve alongside us from other parts of the world. In this letter, I am going to provide you an update as it relates to Vision 2023 and to present you with a challenge.  

GMI has opened two new fields. Under the leadership of Carlos and Denise Brunk the Island of Bonaire (just east of Curacao and off the cost of Venezuela) became a new field in December 2013 when the Brunks were accepted as GMI Partners. They have been meeting with a group of believers since September 2013 to establish a church and are relentlessly sharing the gospel. The work in Nicaragua, GMI’s newest field, began as an extension of the ministry in Costa Rica back in 2006 when the Costa Rican field started taking exploratory trips into Nicaragua. In 2014 GMI Missionaries, Jeff and Sally Roth, moved to Nicaragua along with Associate Missionaries, Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli. Our missionary team is discipling Nicaraguan believers and evangelizing their neighbors with the goal of planting churches there.

GMI has identified target fields. Kennedy and Sofia Simtowe plan to move to Zimbabwe by next year to plant and strengthen grace churches in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Last month the board accepted new GMI Partners, Alex and Deltha Gulart, to open Paraguay—a country we have been surveying since 2013—as a new field. In addition, GMI is constantly considering new countries to survey and new fields to open. It is exciting to talk to our missionaries about their ideas for expansion into new countries. In just the past month I have had conversations about three specific countries that we have not yet targeted!

New U.S. missionary families or individuals. Brett and Debby Chapman have been accepted by the GMI Board as missionary candidates to Nicaragua. Their targeted departure date is January 2015. Rachel Matychuk is the middle of a one-year term in Bolivia. Several other families and individuals have expressed their desire to become missionaries over the next several years.

New GMI Partners and Associate Missionaries. Cameroonian GMI Partners, Joseph and Emmanuela Asong, are serving in Malawi alongside GMI Partners, Eric (Congo) and Mercy (Zambia) Mango. Alex (Uruguay) and Deltha (Mexico) Gulart will be serving in Paraguay. Carlos and Denise Brunk from Curacao are ministering in Bonaire. Costa Ricans, Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli, are serving in Nicaragua. Praise the Lord for these new co-workers and the gifts and passion they bring to our GMI team!

The Challenge. HELP WANTED! If we are going to open new fields, we need workers both to expand the ministries in our current fields and to plant churches and start ministries in new fields. We are looking for people with a strong commitment to sharing God’s grace with the world both in doctrine and deed. We need individuals dedicated to dreaming with, planning with, and releasing ministries to believers around the world so that new works will be indigenous, self-sustaining and self-propagating. Could this be you? Could this be someone you know?

We need people to be a part of a pioneering team in Mozambique, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Zimbabwe to evangelize, plant churches, disciple and train believers to advance the ministry in these countries. We need people to work in many of our established fields to disciple; evangelize; work with youth, children, and women; come alongside of the national churches and believers in these countries to help develop new ministries and outreaches; and to otherwise share God’s grace with the world! Would you consider being a missionary with Grace Ministries International?

How else can you help? GMI is a missionary sending agency. Our role in the Home Office is to send missionaries and to facilitate their work around the world as those empowering ministry leaders to evangelize, plant churches, train others, and share God’s love through acts of mercy. As we seek to send out more U.S. based missionaries and even those from other parts of the world, we will need resources to accomplish this task. Please consider giving a gift to GMI’s General Fund to support this ministry as we look to 2023 and beyond.

All of us here in the Home Office consider it a joy to be able to serve the Lord with GMI. And we want you to know how much we appreciate your part in this ministry.

Pressing towards the goal,

Jeremy Clark


3 thoughts on “Vision 2023 – July Update

  1. Dear Sir. I am a grace believer living in Xai Xai mozambique and would like to be involved in your work in this country. Please contact me at above adress. By His Grace

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