Seravalis Serving Christ in Nicaragua


Both Emiliano and Raquel grew up in Christian homes in Costa Rica and where they used to attend and serve at La Communidad Bíblica de la Gracia (Grace Bible Community)—a church affiliated with the work of Grace Ministries International in San Antonio de Belén, Costa Rica. Emiliano graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in software engineering. Instead of pursuing that career he entered Grace Bible Institute of Costa Rica and graduated from the missions track in 2011. During his studies at Grace Bible Institute he took several mission trips to Nicaragua which fostered his passion for missions. Raquel, at age 17, spent a year in Bolivia discipling girls, teaching, and working in women’s ministries. Upon her return she also studied at Grace Bible Institute from which she graduated in 2012 from the missions program. While studying at GBI of Costa Rica, she also became involved in the Nicaragua ministry. Eventually, Emiliano and Raquel took ownership and began to lead the ministry into Nicaragua from Costa Rica.

On December 1, 2012 Emiliano and Raquel married wanting nothing more than to dedicate their lives and their marriage to serve the Lord. While single they each individually wanted to serve as missionaries, and now they would be missionaries together as a married couple. They moved to Nicaragua in February 2013 after three years of the above mentioned “contact trips.”

God is using them is incredible ways and we praise Him. Because they speak the same language in Nicaragua as their mother tongue, and have a cultural proximity to the Nicaraguan culture, they have been able to quickly attach to the way of life in their new home.

Since moving, they have already engaged themselves in a variety of ministries unique to their own personal giftings, as well as ministries together as a couple, and with their fellow teammates Jeff and Sally Roth.

Milo is involved in training leaders for future ministry as well as men’s discipleship, which he has a passion for. He is thankful for his teaching at GBI because he also has many responsibilities in leading Cell Groups and teaching the Bible. Raquel has a large heart for children and is involved in meeting physical needs of language therapy and literacy all the while meeting their spiritual needs by sharing the love of Christ with those children. She also leads small groups for ladies and like her husband, has a passion for discipleship and has involved herself in discipling young women. Together their ministry flourishes as God uses them for His glory as well. They have started a youth group together as well as a children’s program where teaching, feeding, and fun takes place. Their home is always open and hospitality is a gift that God has also given them. They accommodate other groups from overseas as well as hosting their local friends, ministries, and new contacts.

When you remember Milo and Raquel, please keep them in your prayers. They are a couple dedicated to Jesus Christ and to making Him known. To learn more about them, GMI, and ways you can be more involved in the lives and ministry of the Seravallis please visit or today!










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