Camp in Chikwawa

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Christian greetings from the warm heart of Malawi, Africa. We hope this finds you well. Mercy, Shalom, Grace and I are doing fine. This is to update you on the recent youth camp we had in Chikwawa, precisely in a village called Nsenjere, situated in the southern part of Malawi. The camp ran from the 19th to the 22nd of June 2014.

During the four days, we saw the hand of the Lord at work. The camp was meant for young people, but to our surprise we had every age group. People came from different villages and some of them walked more than 20 km on foot to get to the village where the camp was conducted. It was such an incredible time! I was excited to have two chiefs attend our church service on Sunday and listen to God’s Word. I actually took advantage of the same opportunity to give an audio Bible to the village Chieftain.

Presenting the Chieftain with the audio Bible


The morning time was devoted to teaching. In the afternoon we had different activities such as music, drama, poetry, Bible quizzes, games, soccer, volleyball, and netball. The evening was more evangelistic. We showed the “Jesus film” and other Christian videos and then presented the gospel. This was the most attended session. Since there is no electricity in that village, it was a great opportunity for everyone to watch videos and on a big screen for that matter. This session ran from 6:30 to 10:30 pm, but even then people did not want us to end it in the evenings. In fact, they asked if we could do the whole night on Friday since they don’t have much to do on Saturday, but we couldn’t because we did not have enough gas to run the generator for the remaining days and gas was not accessible in the village.

Praise report:

I am grateful to the Lord that we had a safe trip to and from Chikwawa and the program went so well. It was joy, unspeakable joy, to see more than 140 people giving their lives to Christ, what a blessing! Praise to His name that there was no serious sickness at the camp or funeral cases in the village to interrupt our program.

Arrival at Miseu folo
Arrival at Miseu Folo

We thank God that there was no damage of equipment on the bicycles as we travelled some rough roads. We hired seven bicycles and it took one hour on a bicycle to get to a place where we caught a bus.

Loading for the village
Loading up to head to the village by bicycle


With so many blessings we enjoyed at the camp, we also experienced some challenges. We were terribly hit with rains on Friday around midnight. We did not carry any tents on the journey and unfortunately there was no difference between sleeping outside and in the house where we were accommodated.

The Accomodations

The other challenge was we got sick because of drinking dirty water. Spencer and I had brought some water with us but we had finished it by the third day and since there was nowhere to buy water in that village, we had no option but to drink their water. Our last night was so tragic! We were sick throughout the night and worse still, it continued through the day we were traveling back. It was not fun to be on the road for 9 hours in such situation. But the Lord was so gracious, we reached home safely, and now we are fine.

Prayer items:

Pray for those who gave their lives to Christ to grow in the faith. Pray for the follow-up team to be committed to visiting and encouraging them.

Eric, Pst Chamanga & his wife
Pastor Chamanga, his wife & Eric

Pray for everyone who was exposed to the gospel and never made a decision, that the seed planted will germinate.

Pray for those who received audio Bibles that God’s Word will transform them.

Givingout Audio Bibles
Excitement and interest in the audio Bible

Vote of thanks:

We are very grateful to all of you who knew about this program and prayed with us. Indeed your prayers were answered.

Again, we are so thankful to all of you who stand with us financially so we can concentrate on His work. May God richly bless you!

Eric was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has an incredible testimony of what the Lord has brought him and his family through. To read more about his testimony please visit our website He and his wife, Mercy, along with their two children, Shalom and Grace, currently live in Malawi as GMI Partners and have touched lives for Christ all over Africa.




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